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The Bride or the Body of Christ? Posted in: 2012 By Tom L. Ballinger

Plainer Words Since 1968   January 12, 2012   PLAINER WORDS ONLINE…THE BRIDE OR THE BODY OF CHRIST?   The title suggests that there is a disagreement between the Bride and the Body. The two titles have references to “The Bride of Christ” and “The Body of Christ.” This study researches the Scriptures concerning the two.   The expression, “the Bride of Christ,” is not a term that can be found in the Bible. It does not occur one time in the Word of Truth. However, Bible commentators, for centuries,… Read more The Bride or the Body of Christ? Posted in: 2012 By Tom L. Ballinger

The “Bride of Christ” Is Not the Church

The “Bride of Christ” Is Not the Church Updated on January 29, 2015       cdacoffee The Bride Of Christ Who is this “Bride of Christ”? | Source Do you still believe women should not be pastors or leaders in the church? Do you still believe healing was for the early church? Do you still believe the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was for the early church and not for the body of Christ today also? Many of the church’s views on these doctrinal pillars have been revised in recent… Read more The “Bride of Christ” Is Not the Church

The Most Powerful Outpouring Since Pentecost Will Stir in Israel

Like streams full of divine rain, the prophecies of the Bible concerning the Jews, the Gentiles and Jesus’ return flow into one mighty river of prophecy in the 20th century and into our 21th century. These truths are revealed in Acts 28:11-31. While studying the book of Acts, I came upon a precious prophecy I had never seen before nor heard applied in any teachings of which I was aware. I was excited as the Spirit began to reveal to me this golden treasure connected to our day and Jesus’… Read more The Most Powerful Outpouring Since Pentecost Will Stir in Israel


View this email in your browser July 21, 2021 Today’s post is from my brother, Tim Sheets. It is very strong, but needs to be said. THE ANTICHRIST AGENDA In recent weeks, Holy Spirit has been speaking to me from the book of Jude. Jude has only one chapter; verse 3 tells us to earnestly contend for the Christian faith. “Earnestly contend” is the Greek word epagonizomai, meaning to zealously fight, struggle or wrestle; battle intensely; to take part in a contest or to compete.(1) In this context it means to fight… Read more THE ANTICHRIST AGENDA

Cain’s Wife

by Ken Ham on September 13, 2007; last featured January 13, 2021 Featured in The New Answers Book  Also available in Español, Pусский, Deutsch, Dansk, اُردُو, Nederlands, Français, 中文, and Italiano Share:    Skeptics of the Bible have used Cain’s wife time and again to discredit the book of Genesis as a true historical record. Sadly, most Christians have not given an adequate answer to this question. Ken Ham answers the question “Cain’s Wife—Who Was She?” as featured in The New Answers DVD 1. Is She the Most-Talked-About Wife in History? Defenders of the gospel must be able to show that all human beings are descendants… Read more Cain’s Wife