Do Not Lose Heart – 2 Corinthians 4:7-18

How do we “not lose heart”? We do it by seeing that the “inward man is renewed day by day”. We do that by preaching to ourselves. We do it by reminding ourselves of the truths found in this passage.

Look all the way back to verse 7: We are “earthen vessels”. We are weak, and we need a power that is outside ourselves if we are to stand. That power comes from God. Preach that truth to your own heart every day. This isn’t about you; it is about Him!

•  Verses 8-13 reminds us that we will be troubled here because Jesus was troubled here. God is doing in us what He did in Him. God is revealing HImself through us just like He did through Jesus. The only way people can see the light inside our vessel is for the vessel to be broken. Preach this truth to your own heart every day.

•  Verse 14 reminds us that God has a plan in all this. He will see us through the storms of this life and deliver us safely home to glory. Preach this truth to your heart every day.

•  Verse 15 reminds us that everything in life is for the glory of God. Again, remind you that life is not about you, about what you want, or about how you del life is about God receiving glory in all things. Preach this truth to yourself every day!

•  Then, in verses 16-18, we are challenged to get our eyes off this world with its sin and problems. We are told to look beyond this life to the one that is to come. In that coming world, the cares of this life will sen as nothing compared to “the glory that shall be revealed in us”. Preach that truth to heart every day.

Live in the truth of who you are in Jesus Christ. You are a pilgrim and a stranger. You are just a person passing through this world on your way home. Along the way, you will become disillusioned, defeated, and discouraged, but you do not have to “lose heart”. God can and will help you make the journey home with glory in your soul if you will keep your eyes on Him, and not on what you see.


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  1. You are so right, Jerome: “This isn’t about [us]; it is about Him!” Whatever we might have to face, that truth can give us strength and hope. Thank you for this uplifting post!

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