I Forgive You


“I’m speaking for myself, not even on behalf of my family, but I love you just like anyone else,” Brandt Jean said, in part. “I’m not going to say I hope you rot and die.”


There were also remarkable shows of forgiveness. The most poignant moment of the day came when Jean’s 18-year-old brother, Brandt Jean, forgave Guyger for killing his older brother, who Guyger shot Sept. 6, 2018, after going to his apartment by mistake and believing him to be an intruder in her home one floor down. Brandt Jean begged Dallas County District Judge Tammy Kemp to allow him to hug the convicted killer. The embrace between Jean and Guyger caused weeping in the courtroom, including from Kemp, who wiped tears from her eyes as the pair hugged for more than a minute. 


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  1. Love your post, I had something to say on this issue as well it moved me to tears. God will always use every chance for good, we just have to see it.

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