J. W. Bramhall says, “Sorrow can lead us into one of four lands: the barren land in which we try to escape from it; the broken land in which we sink under it; the bitter land in which we resent it; or the better land in which we bear it and become a blessing to others.”


I wonder this evening, where are our trials leading us? Do you really believe that everything’s gonna be all right? If there are doubts, why not let the Heavenly Father sooth them this evening? He can help you to safely navigate the troubled waters of trial and affliction.


There is a story told about a certain handicapped high school student. Although the crutches on which he hobbled kept him from being physically active, he excelled in his studies and was well liked by his peers. They saw the problems he had getting around, and they sometimes felt sorry for him, but for a long time nobody asked him why he had this difficulty. One day, however, his closest friend finally did. “It was polio,” answered the student. The friend responded, “With so many difficulties, how do you keep from becoming bitter?” Tapping his chest with his hand, the young man replied with a smile, “Oh, it never touched my heart.”


My friends, that is what the Lord Jesus can do for you and for me if we will face our trials with faith knowing that everything’s gonna be all right!


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