When these pagan rulers hear what Paul testify about all that happened to him, and what the Savior he claims to serve has called him to do, Festus speaks up and calls Paul a “mad man”. He tells Paul that all of his education and learning has driven him over the edge! He says, in effect, “Paul, you’ve lost your mind! You’re a lunatic! You’re crazy!

When these pagans hear what Paul was before he met Jesus Christ; what happened to him he met Jesus Christ; and what he is saying about Christ and doing for God’s glory now, they concluded that he has gone absolutely, stark raving mad! They think he is crazy! When Paul hears this charge he responds by saying, “I’m not crazy, I’m born-again!

When the world looks in on this thing we call Christianity, when they look at this life we live for Jesus, they conclude that we are crazy! I would say to them, I’m not crazy, I’m born-again By the way, the world thinks your testimony is crazy in these areas as well! I just want you to see that what the world thinks is crazy is nothing more than mere Christianity! The craziest people in the world today are not in places like mental institutions and the likes. The craziest people in the world are those who are lost in sin and will not come to the Lord Jesus Christ! The real lunatics are those who hear the Gospel and turn a deaf ear to it. The nuts are those who refuse to come to Jesus that they might be born-again!

May we who are born-again never be ashamed of who we are or what the Lord has done for us! We are not crazy! If you have believed the Gospel and trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you are headed to Heaven, you are born-again by grace, your sins have been all washed away. You are not crazy, you are just born-again!

That crowd that does not know Jesus, they are the crazy bunch! They’re the ones running here and there looking for love, help, and satisfaction in all the wrong places. We are the ones who have found the answer to all life’s questions and the solution to all life’s problems. The answer, the solution is Jesus Christ! Don’t be intimidated by a bunch of people who have been driven insane by their sin. They are the ones with the problems. They are the crazy ones! As for us: We’re not crazy, we’re born-again!

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