The Lord – He Will Reveal

The Lord will one day reveal all things which are done in secret.

In Isaiah’s day, there are people who do not love the God who says His name is, “I AM.” Their response is neither fear, obedience, thankfulness, love, or worship. They blatantly disobey His commands. They worship false gods. They live as though God does not exist.

They have no excuse. They are descendants of Abraham. Their ancestors have the first-hand experience of being beneficiaries of God’s mighty power and working of wonders. Their feet trod in the Promised Land given to them by God. They have set their eyes on the Holy Scriptures, the revelation of God given to Moses and the Prophets. They wear the mark of the Covenant of Abraham, eat the feasts to celebrate God’s wondrous deliverances, and by tradition, bring offerings to the temple priests in accordance with the Covenant of God.

Of all the people alive in the world, they are the most privileged because God is speaking to them through the prophet Isaiah. Isaiah warns them that the same God with the power to save is the same God who stands ready to condemn them. But, they do not listen.

Their hearts are cold to the God of love and mercy. Their hands and feet devise plans which are disobedient to the all-powerful God. They live as though the all-knowing God does not see their plans nor does the ever-present God see what they do in secret places (Isaiah 29:15).

Isaiah speaks and pronounces woe upon the wicked and evil leaders of Judah. They are oppressors. They have no fear of God, and they disregard the Covenant. Twenty years earlier, Isaiah indicted the rulers of Judah for leading astray and confusing the direction God’s people ought to take. Instead of being just and righteous, the Lord says they devour the vineyard, and the plunder of the poor is in their house. They do not lift-up, but they crush the Lord’s people and grind the face of the poor (Isaiah 3:12-15).

Here we are, twenty years later, the leaders still do not heed Isaiah’s warning to repent. Isaiah mocks the voices of the leaders by assuming their voice and says, “Who sees us?” and “Who knows us?” (Isaiah 29:15). His words intend to have them realize that God sees them and knows them. They are never out of God’s sight or knowledge.

The leaders of Judah consult foreign nations concerning their safety and the well-being of the kingdom and they do not seek God’s help. They knowingly do not please God and they believe their plans are concealed from His eyes. They think if they hide their plans from God, He will be unable to interfere and bring about their defeat.

Sinners are foolish. They plot and plan their sinful ways. They believe their actions are hidden from God. But, they are deeply mistaken. The Lord sits in heaven and laughs at them.

Don’t we sometimes act in the same way? Do we think God is ignorant of our selfishness? Do we believe our sin which we commit in secret is unknown to God? How may we possibly think our unkind words, cheating, lying, acts of lustful pursuit, or attitudes of superiority go unnoticed by God? If you are here today, and you are like the rulers of Judah, which means you hide your sin from God and are unwilling to repent and receive His glorious salvation, you share the same woe as the rulers of Judah. God will one day reveal your sin and you will stand under His judgment. It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10:31).

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