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Day: October 29, 2019


Peter tells us, that as believers, we are “pilgrims and strangers” on this earth. The word “stranger” has the idea of a person who lives for an extended time in a land that is not his own. He is there long enough to need a house to live in, but he is not a permanent resident. He has no legal rights, he has no social standing. He is a stranger, an exile who lives in a foreign land. The word “pilgrim” has a meaning that is more temporary than the… Read more PILGRIMS AND STRANGERS

Nicole C. Mullen – My Redeemer Lives

  Who taught the sun Where to stand in the morning And who told the ocean You can only come this far And who showed the moon Where to hide till evening Whose words alone can Catch a falling star Well I know my Redeemer lives I know my Redeemer lives All of creation testifies This life within me cries I know my Redeemer lives Yeah The very same God That spins things in orbit Runs to the weary The worn and the weak And the same gentle hands That… Read more Nicole C. Mullen – My Redeemer Lives