You Keep On Getting Better (feat. Majesty Rose) – Maverick City Music | TRIBL Music



I will sing of your goodness
I will sing of your love
Though the seasons come quickly
You have always been enough
Though the night may get darker
Though the waiting seems long
You have always been faithful
To remind me of your love


You are good
In the morning I’ll sing
You are good
In the evening I’ll sing
You are good
You are good to me


You have always been patient
You have always been kind
You’re consistent through the ages
Oh what a friend of mine.
So I’ll remind my soul to bless you
Standing firm upon your truth
Knowing you cannot be shaken
‘Cause I’ve seen what you can do


You keep on getting better
You keep on getting better


Maverick City is a community of songwriters creating a space where worship expression takes precedence over proficiency. As their missions align, Maverick City Music has partnered with TRIBL to share their live videos and songs. TRIBL is an aggregator of these communities and tribes, creating a home for authentic worship moments.


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