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Day: November 22, 2019


  The presence of God is a major theme in the book of Exodus: God heard Israel’s cry in Egypt. God was with His people at the Red Sea. God journeyed with them in the wilderness. God’s presence appeared majestically at Sinai. God’s presence was manifested in the Tabernacle. Moses knew that what made Israel distinct was God’s presence among them.   Moses proclaimed that they could not move one step without God. What distinguished Israel wasn’t their land (they didn’t have it yet). It wasn’t their wealth (they had… Read more GOD HAS MERCY AND PROVIDES FOR HIS PEOPLE

Excited 6-Year-Old ‘Helps’ The Pastor Baptize Him

    We can all agree that it’s truly a blessed moment when someone makes the decision to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts. That person is giving every bit of themselves to Him and it is such a special time. Today, this 6-year-old has made this incredible choice and he’s standing at the front of the church ready to commit to a Christ-centered life. As the preacher speaks to the congregation, the young boy looks on in delight. You can almost feel the joy and excitement that he has… Read more Excited 6-Year-Old ‘Helps’ The Pastor Baptize Him