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Day: December 6, 2019


  Eccl. 4:9-12. These verses speak of the value of fellowship. They remind us that two are better than one and the three together are better than two together. Solomon uses the analogy of a three-fold cord. He reminds us that one stranded cord is weak by itself. A double-stranded cord is stronger, but that a three-stranded rope is stronger than either. If I were sailing a stormy sea and wanted to drop my anchor for stability in the storm, I would want such a strong rope. I would want… Read more A STRONG ROPE FOR ROUGH SEAS

Make Me Over Lyrics by Tonéx

  You know my other sideI can no longer hideLet you down so many timesSin freshly crucifies   Thought that I had a planhad it all figured outbut the more that you tried to be by my sidethe more I put you out   Lord make me over (repeat x 3)   Make me over again (repeat x 4) between this some one says “Is that anybody’s prayer tonight”   Time after the time I failed youPierced your side when they already nailed youJesus heal my open woundsI just want… Read more Make Me Over Lyrics by Tonéx