STAND UP and FIGHT THE BATTLE by David Wilkerson

How many Christians call themselves warriors but have never been
tested or trained? We hear about the many prayer warriors in this
nation. But the sad truth is, the vast majority of them have never
been trained — they’re not ready to fight. Many true believers refuse
to fight the devil or do battle against his kingdom.

When God does find a believer with a hunger and a desire for his
blessing, he puts him into the ring to learn to fight. The Lord is
going to need well-trained warriors who will prevail over all the
powers of hell in his last hour of warfare.

Right now God is doing a quick work in his remnant — it’s called
crisis training. These tested saints in this training are becoming
the captains of his last-day army. God is putting the Holy Ghost fight
in them and he is bringing forth warriors who are tested and tried,
because they’ve wrestled with God, just as Jacob did (see Genesis 32:24-32).

This kind of training calls for physical discipline as well as spiritual.
Jacob threw his whole body into the battle, all his human ability.
A fighting spirit had risen up in him and, Scripture says, “He
struggled with the Angel and prevailed” (Hosea 12:4). This verse
has great meaning for all who want to prevail in prayer. It says
Jacob prevailed and won the battle. If you’re going to prevail in
these last days, you’re going to have to put all your strength into it.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks
about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him”
(1 Peter 5:8-9).

Many Christians expect God to somehow save their family,
reconcile relationships, do miracles, all at no cost to them. They
just want to rest in their rocking chair and “believe God for it all.”
But this matter of prevailing in prayer — “breaking through” to
God, getting answers and seeing results — is going to cost your
flesh something.

God wants you to lay hold of Him because He loves you. He wants
you to claim all his blessings. Rise up in faith and lay hold of His
promises. Stand up and fight. You have his strength so use it!



You Are Faithful by Jared Reynolds


You are faithful, You are faithful
Every day in every way
You are faithful, You are faithful to me.

Yeah yeah, to me
Oh You oh God
You oh God, Eternal are my refuge
Just and true are all of Your ways.

You’re the only constant in my ever-changing world
I put my hope in You, I put my trust in You.

You are faithful, You are faithful
Every day, in every way
You are faithful, You are faithful to me.

No matter how dark it gets, You are my Light
Why should I be afraid?.

You’re the only constant in my ever-changing world
I put my hope in You, I put my trust in You.

You are faithful, You are faithful
Every day, in every way
You are faithful, You are faithful to me



NOTE:  Yesterday we sent out an account of a Revival beginning
when Christians began to forgive those who had hurt them, etc.
Today I got this amazing email in reply – sent by a third party:


Gail writes:
Thank you so much for the powerful words you sent. I have an
amazing testimonial I’d like to share with you. I have had a very
difficult life for 10 years with chronic pain, which had degenerated
to a point where I felt like I was the walking dead. I have also had
a terrible time finding work ever since being fired two years ago,
even though I have over 20 years of college experience and many
other management years of experience.

The woman who fired me was the first person on my list of people
who I hated and wanted to suffer as I believed she had ruined my
life. I carried a vengeful heart with me every where I went. I was
also suffering from extreme insomnia and hadn’t slept for five days
in a row when I received your letter about forgiveness.

In fact, the week of my inability to sleep was so debilitating, I
wanted (twice) to go out to the field behind my house and put a
gun in my mouth to end this unbearable suffering. I did of course
talk myself out of it, praying during those long hours in the middle
of the night, to God to please help me.

When I read this letter of God’s tormentors it made me realize
that I had indeed reached the lowest point possible, and was
unable to fight anymore. I read the words and made my list. In
my state of complete surrender, I read each name and prayed
fervently for each person who had hurt me.

It was a long list of people, and I feel that because I was feeling
so weak, it possibly made it easier to forgive them as I had no
sense of pride at all left in me, and maybe Gods plan was to
reach me at my lowest and most vulnerable, yet open, state of
heart. I prayed, cried and spent many hours on my knees. God
heard this prayer. My whole being has changed and I felt
compassion and strength as only God can give. I also experienced
true miracles within hours of this time that I spent asking for
Gods forgiveness.

I received a phone call from an employer that I had interviewed
with months before, for a job with the State, in effect my dream
job with great pay, close to home, and health insurance to boot!!!
Of course I am elated with my newfound employment, which will
carry me through to retirement.

It was a miracle, but it was just the beginning. The next morning
following my prayer, I woke with NO PAIN, and am still, to this day,
pain free. I have a degenerative disease that is inexplicably in
recourse. Truly God Is Good and his forgivess, as well as my ability
to honestly get my hatred and vengeance out of my heart has
changed my life.

I still pray daily for my friends and my former “enemies” and want
to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending such a
powerful message. Now, instead of having a list of people I want
to get revenge, I have a list of people who have saved my life…

In Christ´s name, Gail.






Eccl. 4:9-12. These verses speak of the value of fellowship. They remind us that two are better than one and the three together are better than two together. Solomon uses the analogy of a three-fold cord. He reminds us that one stranded cord is weak by itself. A double-stranded cord is stronger, but that a three-stranded rope is stronger than either. If I were sailing a stormy sea and wanted to drop my anchor for stability in the storm, I would want such a strong rope. I would want something that would allow me to get anchored and weather the storm that was assailing me.


There are times when life is like a stormy sea. Times when we need to anchor ourselves in Someone stronger than ourselves. Times when we need such a strong rope to bind us to a Rock of safety. Our text verse tells us of such a three-fold spiritual rope. When these three things, Faith, Hope, and Love are utilized and exercised together, they enable us to weather any storm that arises in our lives.


If we aren’t properly anchored, there is a tendency to drift when the storms come. If we aren’t tied connected well enough by this strong, three-fold cord, then when the going gets too tough, we just might find ourselves trying to run away. Psalm 118:27 speaks of binding sacrifices to the horns of the altar. This was done to prevent them from running away until it was their time to die. Well, we are told to present our bodies a living sacrifice to the Lord, Rom. 12:1. Since this is true, and since we have a tendency to drift away and run away when the pressure is on, then we need to bind ourselves to the things of God and determine in our hearts that we will stand for Him, regardless of what others do!


Let’s examine the three-fold cord Paul speaks of in 1 Cor. 13:13. I believe you will see that this cord is a Strong Rope For The Rough Seas Of Life!




Faith Defined – Heb. 11:1 – Faith is not a blind leap into the dark, but it is a confident leap into the arms of God. Often the end is not in view when this leap is made, but the landing is never in doubt! Faith has the capacity to behold what the eyes cannot see. Faith is the knowledge that God is in absolute control of all the situations of life and that He is working in everything, all the time, Rom. 8:28; Eph. 1:11. Faith cashes the checks God has written in His Word!


Faith Demanded – There is only one life that pleases the Lord and it is the life lived in faith, Heb. 11:6; Rom. 14:23. The secret to experiencing and enjoying God’s best is to let go of your life, place it in His hands and live it His way.


Faith Demonstrated – Heb. 11:3-40 Genuine biblical faith can be seen in thousands of ways in the Bible and within your life and mine. It takes faith to stand when others are falling! It takes faith to serve God when those around you won’t. It takes faith to follow God into an unknown future, believing that He will work all things ours for your good and His glory!


It takes faith to be like the Widow of Zarephath, 1 Kings 17. It takes faith to be a Daniel, to be a Shadrach, a Meshach and an Abednego. It takes faith to be an Abraham, a David, Peter, a blind man looking for a miracle. But, it takes faith to be a parent, a partner in a marriage, a friend, deals with sickness, goes to work, etc. Life is all about faith! When we learn that God is in absolute control of it all, then it will bind us more securely to Him and His will for us!




Hope’s Features – What is hope? The dictionary defines it as “to have a wish to get or do something or for something to happen or be true, especially something that seems possible or likely.” Biblical hope is something far different. Biblical hope is, “A confident expectation which rests upon the promises of God.” In other words, Hope is believing that God’s Word is true and can be believed. Hope’s Focus – Genuine hope is not wishful thinking, but a confident expectation that God will do as He has promised. Hope takes the Word of God at face value! (Psa. 119:89; Matt. 24:35 – Friends, we can believe the Bible!)




Love’s Nature – Genuine biblical love is a rare commodity in this world. There are plenty of manifestations of fleshly and worldly love, but genuine, biblical love is hard to find! It is Constant – Jer. 31:3; It is Impartial – John 3:16 and it is Stable – Rom. 8:38-39. Biblical love is described in 1 Cor. 13:4-8. (Note: Biblical love loves in spite of ………. all! Notice 1 John 4:7-13; 1 John 4:19-21.)


Love’s Necessity – Matt. 22:36-40; 1 Cor. 13:1-3. (Note: If you do not possess the right kind of horizontal love, that is, love for your fellow man, you will fall out. If you do not possess the right kind of vertical love, that is, love for the Lord, you will fall away!) Without genuine, biblical love, we are wasting our time trying to live for the Lord. Why? Because we will always be out of step on one level or the other! When we love the Lord as we should, nothing will be allowed between us. When we love our brother as we should, nothing will be tolerated between us! It is genuine love that keeps all the relationships in our life in perfect balance!


Here is the invitation: Are you bound to God, His work and His people with this three-fold cord this evening? If not, bring your sacrifice, you, Rom. 12:1, to this altar and bind it to the horns of the altar! If you can see that you are bound with 1 cord, but not the other two; or with two of them, but one is missing, I want you to know that 1 or 2 of them is not going to be enough! You need all three cords binding your life to the altar for the glory of God.



Make Me Over Lyrics by Tonéx


You know my other side
I can no longer hide
Let you down so many times
Sin freshly crucifies


Thought that I had a plan
had it all figured out
but the more that you tried to be by my side
the more I put you out


Lord make me over (repeat x 3)


Make me over again (repeat x 4) between this some one says “Is that anybody’s prayer tonight”


Time after the time I failed you
Pierced your side when they already nailed you
Jesus heal my open wounds
I just want to be more like you


Father I let you down
what’s not like you just take it out
Reconcile me Jesus, I just want to please you
wash me and make me whole (hold)


Lord make me over (repeat x 3)


Make me over again (repeat x 4)


Make me over again Lord
cause I’m tired of my evil ways
and I want to make a change make me over Lord


Help Me Say Oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Help Me Say Oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Help Me Say Oh
Oh oh oh oh oh


Make me over again (repeat x 16)