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Day: February 9, 2020

Red Rocks Worship – Underneath My Feet (Live)

Underneath My Feet   [Verse 1] I will look to You In my trouble, You will find me Shield me in Your truth You’re the God who fights beside me [Verse 2] Show me You are here Tell me once again who I am Every doubt and fear Must bow down when You’re surrounding [Chorus] All darkness, all bondage All sorrow falls underneath my feet We sing out hallelujah King Jesus, You’ve won it all for me, yeah, oh [Verse 3] You hold my head up high As You’re clothing… Read more Red Rocks Worship – Underneath My Feet (Live)


John 18:28-40   This passage records what may have been the last intimate, personal conversation that Jesus had with another individual before He was crucified. In this exchange between the Lord Jesus Christ and the Roman governor Pontius Pilate, we see two men with opposing agendas. Pilate comes across as one who is agitated at having been placed in the middle of what he sees as a religious dispute between Jews. His sarcasm and short answers reveal his irritation. Jesus, on the other hand, uses this conversation to reveal His… Read more WHAT IS TRUTH?