What can we learn from these verses? I think there are a couple of truths here that we must not miss.

First, these are the traits that characterize Satan. If you will take the time to read Isa. 14, you will find that Satan exhibited all these sins and more in his rebellion against God. Jezebel, the wicked Queen of Israel, also manifested every single one of these sins in her life. If that is true, and it is, then we must do everything in our power to make sure that those things are not found in us!

Second, God hates these things. They are an abomination to Him. If He hates them, we should hate them also. Not a single one of these things should ever be true of any child of God.

Third, Jesus Christ died for every one of these sins. He shed His blood to redeem His people from the influence of these things. Why would any saved person who understands the price Jesus Christ paid in the cross allow these sins in his or her life? If you can do these things with no remorse or sense of a need for repentance, I would say that you could not be saved. Why? When we do these things, we are manifesting the works of the flesh and not the fruit of the Spirit, Gal. 5:16-25. Very simply, we are living contrary to our profession!

These verses speak to me. If you would be honest, they speak to you too. One day, we will all face God and give an account for our lives. We need to understand that there are some things that God hates. We also need that If we allow these things to be a part of our lives; we will answer to Him. That is a reckoning you do not want to face!

If He has touched a nerve in your heart and you know that you are guilty of these or some other sins in your life, now is the time for repentance. 

If you have issues with anyone of God’s children, the time to make it right is now.

If you have been hanging around with the wolves, listening to their lies, rumors, and gossip, you need to get that right.

If you are lost, you need to come to Jesus today.

Has He spoken to you about some need in your life? If He has, the time to obey His voice is right now! God hates these sins. God hates your sins. God hates my sins. But, God does not hate you. He loves you and promises to help you if you will come to Him, Matt. 11:28; John 3:16; 1 John 1:9.