The Porter’s Gate – Have Mercy On Me (feat. David Gungor)

Have Mercy On Me

[Verse 1] The goodness of the Lord is the kindness of the Lord
With every breath, we take, the gift of life and grace.
The power of the Lord is the meekness of the Lord
Who bore humanity with brave humility.
[Chorus] Let Your mercy flow through us Your mercy, Your mercy (2x)
[Verse 2] The beauty of the Lord is the suffering of the Lord,
Is Christ upon a tree, stripped of dignity.
The glory of the Lord is the mercy of the Lord,
Gives life for us to see a new humanity.
[Chorus] Let Your mercy flow through us Your mercy, Your mercy.
Let Your mercy flow through us Your mercy, Your mercy. 
[Bridge 1] When they see us, may they see Your mercy, Your mercy
When they know us, may they know Your mercy, Your mercy.
[Bridge 2] Bless the hands and feet Of those who serve in need
Of the broken and ashamed
Bless the weary soul The Lord will make us whole
God, speak peace to those afraid!
May the words we speak Build a bridge for peace
Your loving kindness shows the way!
Open up our doors Giving refuge for All the weary and afraid…
From Work Songs, released October 6, 2017
By David Gungor, Latifah Alattas, and Madison Cunningham
Vocals: David Gungor, Latifah Alattas, Madison Cunningham, Joy Ike
Guitar: David Gungor
Piano: Orlando Palmer
Vibraphone and Celesta: Tyler Chester
Bass: Jay Foote
Violin: Ben Russell, Maria Im
Viola: Kallie Ciechomski
Cello: Maria Jeffers  

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