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Day: March 19, 2020

Al Green – Everything Is Gonna Be Alright – Soul Survivor (1987)

  Everything Is Gonna Be Alright [Verse 1] Don’t let this world mislead you Don’t you ever go astray Trust in God’s word and believe it ’cause it’ll never pass away We will see Him in his glory riding on the clouds of joy Greeting us with open arms and peace forevermore [Chorus] I know that everything is gonna be all right He’s coming back Like he said He would Yeah yeah, it’s gonna be alright He’s coming back For the true and good [Verse 2] Now when the sky… Read more Al Green – Everything Is Gonna Be Alright – Soul Survivor (1987)


CHLOROQUINE CURES the VIRUS – Latest Data by Andrew Strom   Chloroquine is an old anti-malarial drug that is widely available and also quite cheap – used for decades to combat malaria in Africa. In China, doctors had reported it was one of the few drugs that seemed to have a significant impact when given to patients in Wuhan. French scientists recently began testing the drug in France, and news of the results has now begun to circle the globe. As Connexion France reported two days ago: “Renowned research professor… Read more CHLOROQUINE CURES the VIRUS