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Day: March 27, 2020

Holy Water (Live) We The Kingdom

Holy Water (Live) We The Kingdom Produced by Ed Cash – Album Live At The Wheelhouse – Released October 25, 2019 The Kingdom comes from the idea that the kingdom of God is not merely referring to heaven or the power of God or his angles. The kingdom of God is here among us, after all, what is a kingdom without its people. God has called us to big things, great and mighty things, that we can’t even begin to imagine. So let’s start living like this!   Holy Water… Read more Holy Water (Live) We The Kingdom


  When Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid”, He wasn’t saying, “Don’t ever feel fear”. That wouldn’t make any sense. After all, we were all created with a totally normal and healthy ability to experience the emotion of fear, and, as I said, this ability is crucial to our survival. What Jesus was saying is, “Be at peace. Have confidence in Me, have confidence in My presence in your life, and have confidence in who you were created to be.” Since it is an emotion… Read more BE NOT TROUBLED