Dance With Me / Glory Come Down (feat. Micah Mahoney & Abby Mahoney)

Heartcry of David has a desire and vision to see believing Jews and Gentiles unified through worship and for the entire body of the Messiah to be aligned with God’s heart for Israel! May Yeshua’s heart for unity be released in us, compelling us to journey closely with one another as we pursue the heart of the Father! Artist: Heartcry of David – Album Jerusalem – May 26, 2017



Behold You have come
Over the hills
Upon the mountains
To me, You have run
My beloved
You’ve captured my heart

With You, I will go
You are my love
You are my fair one
Winter has passed
And the springtime has come


Dance with me
O lover of my soul
To the song of all songs
Romance me
O lover of my soul
To the song of all songs
O yes, to the song of all songs

Open the Heavens
Let your glory come down
My heart burns for you, Yeshua
For your presence, for your holy fire (Repeat)
And consume me with Your fire
Let all my desire burn for You, burn for you (Repeat)

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