As The Panic-Mongering Collapses, Watch For A New Scam

As The Panic-Mongering Collapses, Watch For A New Scam

Those responsible are going to try to claim the panic-fan was justified– and even that it worked.

Monday, April 13, 2020: OVER THE LAST FEW DAYS much has changed on the COVID-19 hysteria front. A lot of well-documented revelations about falsely-inflated COVID-19 fatalities have appeared and a lot of material

has been published making clear the overall jiggering of data to create misleading

dire statistics to be drummed into the public consciousness by the complicit media.

Even chief panic-mongers like Anthony Fauci have admitted that the likely overall death-toll from the disease is going to be just a fraction of the standard seasonal flu fatality rate (and most of those deaths will be of people who otherwise would have died from the flu, and maybe even DID die from the flu). Americans across the country are increasingly shaking-off the hysteria and are increasingly impatient– if not fed-up– with the Constitution-violating “lockdowns” (and all the harm those are doing to them personally and to the economy overall), the midnight crony-capitalist bailouts and associated mass inflation, and the endless flogging of pandemic panic on every MSM organ.

This hobgoblin is about to collapse– and thank goodness!

UNFORTUNATELY, THE BS-PEDDLING is not going to collapse– not yet, and not at all unless you and I see that it does. Lying in store for us all is what will be a somewhat desperate effort to convince us all that the COVID-19 monster proving to be relatively insignificant was brought about by the outrageous usurpations of government (and the fanned-panic-induced changes in the behavior of the citizenry) to which the country was subjected. Had we not all “sheltered in place”, it will be said, there’d be millions dead!!! See this early effort, for instance.

The object of that exercise will be face-saving and agenda-defense. A whole lot of special interests got paid, one way or another, during the fiasco. Many more expect to be paid soon, if the fictions of COVID-19 being apocalyptic in nature and the people only spared due to the behavior of the media and “officialdom”. No one on the suckling end of the teet wants to let a single drop go un-slurped.

HERE ARE THE ACTUAL FACTS belying the “saved by the state and its emergency measures” eyewash:

The only way “social distancing” and the associated impositions of martial law could have had any impact would be if– over the course of a three-month period in which fully a billion people flew on airplanes from everywhere to everywhere— no one who had had contact with anyone who had had contact with anyone from Wuhan or from any of the places to which anyone who had had contact with anyone who had had contact with anyone from anyplace to which anyone who had had contact with anyone from Wuhan had gone. And that didn’t happen.

“Social distancing” did nothing. At least, as far as stemming any spread of infection is concerned.

Long before the “six feet, away” stuff had become a 24/7 shamanistic drumbeat on every mainstream media outlet, COVID-19, purportedly even-more virulent than the flu, must have spread at least as far as had that more mundane, somehow not panic-inducing disease during the same time. Here is what that means:

By March 14 the US CDC estimated 38,000,000 to 54,000,000 cases of flu since October 2019— just in the USA. The vast majority of those cases began during the same period that COVID-19 had reportedly been active at that point. 23,000 to 59,000 deaths have resulted– just in the USA. And that concerns a virus for which there is a purportedly 40% – 60% effective vaccine that had been taken by on the order of 60% of children in the country and 45% of adults, projecting from last year’s numbers.

Thus, by March 16– BEFORE the “shelter in place” martial law impositions that sprang up like evil liberty, prosperity, and rule-of-law-destroying toadstools— it can confidently be concluded that far more than 36 – 51 million Americans had already been infected with COVID-19.

“Shelter in place” and the associated martial law impositions did nothing to mitigate the pandemic. All they did was test the waters as to how far into self-destructive madness Americans can be driven by a cabal of corrupt politicians and presstitutes at the behest of the 1% who took advantage of the cover to loot the American economy of at least $2 trillion.

“BUT JUST ONE DARN MINUTE, MR. SMARTY-PANTS,” you say. “If all those people were infected way back then, why weren’t there any deaths reported until March, huh?!” Well, good question…

In fact, you should be asking yourself that question, actually.

After all, whatever you may believe about any of this, you know that SOME number of Americans were infected during December, January, and February, long before the first “official” COVID-19 death on February 29 in that Washington nursing home. Why weren’t people dying, even if the number of infections was much less than what I’ve said here?

Well, that takes us– properly now– to your challenge to me about why the apparent ramp-up in COVID-19 deaths only beginning in early March. Here’s the answer.

In early March– March 4, to be exact– the CDC, perhaps in recognition of the fact that the failure of Americans to be dropping from the horrific COVID-19 left and right was messing with the narrative, sent this to all our American doctors (highlighting added):

“COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate where the disease IS ASSUMED to have caused– or even just assumed to have contributed to– death.” (See the whole notice here, also with my highlighting.)

On March 24, the CDC doubled-down with this nonsense, issuing follow-up guidance being even more straightforward with the fudge encouragement:


(See the whole March 24 update here, again, with my highlighting.)

SO, THERE YOU GO. All the ramp-up death reports, from fewer than 18 on the day this “guidance” got sent out to the present 21,924 (as of April 13) were only designated as such under guidelines allowing for guesswork and figure massaging.

Every one of those subsequent 21,906 COVID-19 ascriptions was made not only under this fudge-favoring “guidance” but within an atmosphere in which every harried medical professional making the calls was having it drummed into his or head 24/7 that COVID-19 was this uber-disease with a fatality rate of as high as 15%, and had been being buried under that story for months.

Of course, every death from that point forward with any respiratory distress characteristic (as in the case of all flu deaths, for instance) was going to be deemed a COVID-19 death– directly or at least as a contributor!

What this all means is that not one American death can thus far be squarely or fairly attributed to COVID-19. Some numbers may be due to the disease. But maybe not, too, and the fact that no deaths were reported due to the disease until doctors were instructed to fudge the call strongly suggests that the latter is more likely the case– however odd that may sound to you, cupcake.

DON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN, people. The dramatic usurpations and impositions imposed on America during the last month have NOT turned back any tsunami. THERE WAS NO TSUNAMI.

COVID-19 is doubtless a real virus. It doubtless has real potential for harm, especially in compromised populations, just as is the flu. I would not have wanted my 91-year-old mother to have contracted it, and would have responded to that happening just as I did when she was diagnosed with the flu at age 90 (thankfully surviving that and carrying on for another year and a half).

But whatever the reason may be, COVID-19 has not been a raging fire in America, and nothing is done by any governmental unit in the way of “lockdowns” and other destructions of the economy, “bailouts”, national guard mobilizations or any of the rest of it was necessary to keep us all from disaster.

Likewise, none of it, nor any other change in Western civilization values, is needed to protect anyone going forward. Reject it, or you will live to regret it.


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2 thoughts on “As The Panic-Mongering Collapses, Watch For A New Scam”

  1. All true. Sadly it is an overwhelming lack of true faith in God that has allowed this to happen, and will allow it to happen even worse time to come. God allowed it to give people a perfect opportunity to turn to Him, obey Him and be blessed by His peace that passeth all understanding. Instead the majority (including much of professed Christianity) preferred to follow the world and the god of this world, in a state of panic and letting go of more of their freedom. All this is necessary in order for the mark of the beast to be able to be enforced – not that this is the mark of the beast, but it will lead up to the means of enforcement that no man might buy or sell. ID2020 is their end goal, of which Bill Gates is one of its founders. This has to go into effect to fulfill prophecy, so we should expect it, and prepare for it by looking to Him alone and not to the left or the right, because only He can bring us through what is ahead. We must stay in His Word, in a state of prayer and fasting as we can, and be prepared to move at a moment’s notice if He tells us to. Our God is an awesome God and He will keep us out of harm’s way if we just trust and obey.

    1. I want to thank you for the feedback that you gave me about the article. Great information, and very truthful. And yes we must trust and obey Him to survive in this world! Thank you!

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