Ephesians 1: 1-14 ..God has taken us to the high places of blessing in Christ!

1. Complete Blessings, v1-3
Blessed “US” – The Saints in Ephesus, faithful in Christ, and Paul & all believers!
Blessed us with “EVERY” (all kinds of) blessing that the Spirit bestows!
Blessed by “GOD and FATHER” of our Lord Jesus – from first to last!
Blessed us in “heavenly places.” (This is why Paul offered grateful praise to the Lord. “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Paul’s thanksgiving was for what the Father has given to us: “who has blessed us.” Notice, the verb is in the past tense-this has already happened. What is it that has already been given to us? It is “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.” Think about it. This truth is staggering in its implications. Every grace resource that heaven has to offer is already ours here on earth.

2. Complete Salvation, v4-8
Lavish grace of God, v8 – excessive, luxurious, extravagant; undeserved favor and gift
The strong will of God, v4-5  He chose us before creation, predestined us, in accordance to His pleasure and will!
Adoption of God. To be holy and blameless in His sight; to be His sons and daughters. Redeemed, Forgiven! “Grace” means favor. When used of God it refers to the favor bestowed in our interest, which is undeserved. God is praiseworthy because of His grace (bestowed freely, but not unconditionally). This favor is priceless and saving. If God were not gracious, we would have no hope.

3. Complete Purpose, v9-12
The mystery of His Will: v9 He made known. To us His pleasure… Also v8b.
Purpose attached to Christ, v9b to bring all things together under Christ.
He works out His plan, v11. scheduled fulfillment, v10.
For the praise of His glory! – God deserves all the glory! (As children of God, we are sojourners on earth, but we are citizens of heaven (Philippians 3:20). We acknowledge the existence of spiritual realities, spiritual influences, and spiritual goals. Life is more than the physical. The spiritual realm is the place in which God gives all spiritual blessings. It is the domain of Christ’s kingdom and God’s eternal purpose. It is the essence of life).

4. Complete Assurance, v13-14
Included in Christ – by hearing and believing.
Marked with Christ – having believed, sealed with the Holy Spirit of  Promise.
Guaranteed inheritance – until the final redemption day!

God’s possession (you and I) would have received God’s promised inheritance! Praise God! He is our Father. He adopted us, chose us, freely bestowed his grace on us, redeemed us, and forgave our sins; he revealed his will to us, saved us, confirmed his promises to us, and possesses us — in Christ, who gave himself for our sins. When we contemplate who God is, what He has done, and what we will be, we will know exactly what we should praise.

Praise Him from whom all blessings flow, and walk every day according to the calling of the gospel of the Son of God​!



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    1. Examination & Application of the Text: “Believers are to be satisfied fully because they ‘have been filled’ in the one who contains ‘all the fullness’ of deity. This connection cannot be pressed, however, since believers are not filled with the full deity of Christ. Rather, it is because of Christ’s full deity that believers, having been filled in Him, can experience full salvific assurance and benefits.”[3] Being filled with God is not that same as being God, and we that distinction must be made. In our pride and arrogance, it is easy for the world to think of themselves as Gods, or least as equals with Him (although a person may never outright declare it). They demand the same obedience, the same worship, and the same honor as God. Yet, God is the only one deserving of this. It is important to point this out, because it is too easy for people to make the jump from Christ as God and believers being filled in Him, to the conclusion that we too deserve equality with God. That is wrong thinking. With that said, there is a major point to quoting David Poa above here aside from his explanation that believers are not full of Christ’s full deity. Poa points out that because of this text, believers can have the assurance of salvation and the benefits associated with it. If Christ is God, and believers are filled in Him, it stands to reason that like Christ, we have a place in heaven because if He is there, we too will be there because we are with Him, and in Him.

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