“There will be no great Revival until the people of God are deeply

convicted of their need for holiness.”   


“A God-sent Revival must ever be related to holiness” 

– Duncan Campbell.

“Holiness has been the message of saints of God down the

centuries, and was the foundation of the glorious Revivals of

Christianity under the original Quakers, Methodists and the

Salvation Army and wherever it is truly known and experienced,

it is the bringer-in of Revival today.” – PAGET WILKES.

“That such widespread misunderstanding should exist about the

word (sanctification) and its meaning, is a spiritual disaster. If 

there is one New Testament term more than another which calls

for rescue it is that precious, expressive word, Sanctification.”

-Sidlow Baxter. 

 “Believers must be brought into the conviction of the shame and evil

of the carnal state. God brings believers  into, what may be called,

a second conviction – conviction of a need of deliverance from

the power of sin.”  – ANDREW MURRAY.

“True holiness is a Revival of Holiness. Personal holiness is more

desirable than happiness, he (Duncan Campbell) taught, and it is

not in heaven alone that God wants our saintliness – it is here and

now; holiness is not just a doctrine to be taught, it is a way of life –

it is the life of Jesus.” – DUNCAN CAMPBELL.

“God Who delivers us from the guilt of sin through faith in Jesus

Christ is able to deliver the believer from the power of sin as

well.” – J. EDWIN ORR.

-From the Book, “Holiness The Key To Revival” by Patricia Knowles.

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