Here’s a Very Good Presentation Of The Current Data On Covid-19 (as of 4-22-20) And The Deadly Dangers Of “Sheltering In Place” By Two Doctors On The Front Line*

Here’s a Very Good Presentation Of The Current Data On Covid-19 (as of 4-22-20) And The Deadly Dangers Of “Sheltering In Place” By Two Doctors On The Front Line*

Be sure to watch it all, totaling about 64 minutes– and wait through the pause at about 62 minutes in. They’re not done yet…

Tuesday, April 28, 2020: BUILDING ON THE DISCUSSION IN THE VIDEO ABOVE concerning the adverse effects of isolation let’s say it more plainly– “sheltering in place” and the use of masks and gloves when not hunkered down in isolation from anyone except members of a family-unit at most weaken immune systems. Recommending them as extended-term practices (for weeks or more), much less imposing such practices is an expression of bone-headed ignorance– or worse.

After all, that “sheltering/shielding” is guaranteed to generate fatalities that otherwise would not happen. In fact, that sheltering/shielding practice will guarantee that when its imposition is eased and people step back out into the sunlight and human company, there will be a wave of deaths.

In light of the foregoing, then, and though it will seem bizarre and extreme, a macabre question must be asked: Are these upcoming fatalities intended? Or, at least, is the daily-worsening toll we will face being allowed to mount deliberately, at this point?

Hear me out.

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF INTERPERSONAL CONTACT– and the harms from its absence– to the health and effectiveness of an immune system is hardly new knowledge. Indeed, as Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi put it in the video, this is Immunology 101.

Because the necessity of extended social intercourse and the harms of isolation to immune-system health are so well-established, those such as Anthony Fauci and others claiming positions of trust and honor in matters of medicine and health have to know that isolation for any length of time is a deadly-wrong policy. These folks must be presumed to have communicated this to policymakers responsible for implementing the “shelter in place” and “mask and gloves and distancing” protocols.

Since the certain danger of prolonged “shelter/shield” policies must be known to those responsible for imposing them, why are they being continued week after week, as here in Michigan and many other places? Could it be that we are all being put in greater and greater danger just so politicians who took bad advice and made bad calls in late March can save face and avoid ownership– and the political or legal consequences– of their disastrous, liberty-trampling, Constitution-violating, economy-wrecking blunders?

Will the perfectly-predictable wave of unnecessary deaths upon “unlocking” America– which becomes more and more certain with prolonged “lockdowns” and the intermediate use of masks and gloves and social distancing– be called upon as “proof” that isolation was a good thing, with the assertion that the sheltering/shielding policies were all that had been sparing the newly-dead victims until that time?

As disturbing as it is, I think this possibility merits some consideration by those being victimized by these dangerous impositions. I can’t think of any other plausible reason for the continued imposition of these known-to-be defective policies.

IN ANY EVENT, EVEN IF NO NEFARIOUS PURPOSE lies behind them, the prolonged “lockdowns” and policies of masking and gloves and social distancing poses a definite and ever-growing threat to everyone abiding by them. Further, it is now thoroughly-established that even were ruination of immune systems not a predictable consequence, these “sheltering/shielding” policies have never offered any benefit at all.

 At the same time, it has always been obvious that these panic-based policies have wreaked huge and very quantifiable destruction to the rule of law, the world economy, and the individual economic well-being and health of everyone upon whom they have been imposed.

Why is anyone abiding this irresponsible insanity?

The vast majority of people are in no danger whatever from Covid-19. But every one of them is in danger from being “locked down” (and masked and gloved and “distanced”).

I ask again: Why is anyone abiding this irresponsible insanity?

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

-Edward R. Murrow

*Wednesday, April 29, 2020 NOTE I: The original version of the video above (from the ABC affiliate which attended the news conference) was taken down by YouTube for unknown reasons just as its view-count approached 6 million (after less than a week). Some enterprising soul uploaded an alternative almost immediately, and that was nice to see. I switched to that one– but it got taken down, too. I found another one and switched again. Taken down again.

The one you just watched (I’m hoping) is posted on Vimeo (clear your cache and refresh the page if it doesn’t appear). We’ll see how long it lasts. (Not long, as it turned out– about three hours. But I found another one…)

But the point is, this film has been seen by a LOT of Americans, and they were VERY interested. Take from that what you will.

NOTE II: In addition to the test results from which Drs. Erickson and Massihi calculate their “Guess what? The sky ISN’T falling…” case fatality rate (that is, both their own testing and New York’s published test results), the USC/LA County tests arrive at the same general numbers, as discussed here.

Further, today’s Dallas County figures also indicate a tiny case fatality rate in line with all these others. There have been just under 1% of 3,600,000 residents tested, revealing a case total amongst that <1% of 3,240. This can be extrapolated to just over 324,000 cases for the county (>3,240 x 100=>324,000). The fatality total for the county is only 94, yielding a case fatality rate of .029%. (Btw, let’s not forget that the “94”, like all C19 death figures, is likely inflated– as documented here— meaning that the actual CFR is likely smaller still.)

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