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Day: May 12, 2020

Love Changes Everything – Red Rocks Worship

  Love Changes Everything Verse 1] I see His body breaking I see His fingers blee-eeed I see the darkness tremble at the ground below His feet In the darkest hours There on Calvary He was sweetly broken Broken beautifully, broken beautifully [Chorus 1] So come on into the waters Come let the broken sing (hey!) Come all you sons and daughters His love changes everything (hey!) Come when the fear is fighting You finding the Risen King (hey!) Come on and let the light in Your love changes everything… Read more Love Changes Everything – Red Rocks Worship

A Salute To Three True American Heroes

There are doubtless many more erupting into their virtue all over, and all are equally deserving of accolades. These guys are right here in my backyard, though, and so they get this special attention today. I HOPE EVERYONE WILL JOIN ME in a loud, “Thank you for your service” to three fine Michigan heroes who are standing up to counteract the Whitmer Depression which is currently ravaging the state and sowing the seeds of hardship and strife for the future. These heroes are MMA dojo-owner James Gray; barber Karl Manke— each of… Read more A Salute To Three True American Heroes

The Hysteria Supplement– Updated

State-by-state CFRs reveal the truth like nothing else! ON WEDNESDAY, MAY 6, I POSTED Case Fatality Rates (CFRs) for each of the fifty state (plus the District of Columbia) as the latest update to my Hysteria Supplement. Find that new post here. The new data make even more unmistakable than ever that C19 has been nothing but a standard annual illness event, of no dire consequence in and of itself. This common-grade illness event has been shamelessly misrepresented as panic-worthy for the advancement of various agendas, in a fashion indistinguishable in… Read more The Hysteria Supplement– Updated