The Ongoing Effort To Leverage Months of Conditioning Into Residual Despotism

Persistent number-fudging keeps the panic alive and the populace largely compliant as the chains are fastened in place.

Saturday, May 16, 2020: AS OF THIS MORNING, THE CDC IS REPORTING 85,990 total deaths from C19 in the USA:

…but note that asterisk below that big scary number (which is actually a typical figure for seasonal flu mortality) and alongside the “2,043 New Deaths” assertion. Clicking on the “About the Data” link below that asterisk takes us to this:

“As of April 14, 2020, CDC case counts and death counts include both confirmed and probable cases and deaths.” How about that?


And let’s look at the definitions. “Probable” includes cases in which no testing has been done to actually confirm that C19 was even present, much less that it was the cause– or even just among the causes– of a fatality. But that fatality is added to the scary death count anyway.


In fact, these merely “probable” C19 fatalities have actually been being added since March 4, per this CDC instruction, which was then emphasized a few weeks later with this follow-up (perhaps because we didn’t see quite a satisfactory bounce in the panic-fanning “C19-is-the-PLAGUE!!” numbers, which may also explain the re-iteration in the April 5 “position statement” summarized in the screenshot above). (Highlighting in those two notices is mine.)


So, the frightening figure of 85,990 deaths is NOT the number of actual known C19 fatalities. Instead, it includes not only folks who had tested positive for having the disease– which by itself doesn’t mean that they died from it, only that it was present– but also folks for whom there is no evidence that they were infected with C19 at all.


NOW, WHILE THINKING ABOUT THE IMPLICATIONS of the foregoing observations, let’s not forget that these “probable” calls are being made in an atmosphere in which everyone– doctors included– is inundated with assertions that C19 is everywhere. We are all relentlessly propagandized to see it as such a dire and ubiquitous threat that the country has set itself on the road to worse-than-the-Great-Depression economic disruption, and everyone everywhere dons a face mask for all interactions with others, which themselves are kept sporadic and only at arm’s-length.


Needless to say, assuming C19 to be the cause of death whenever the least pretext allows is inevitable under the circumstances shown, even though the symptoms on which such a conclusion might be based would be the same for death from the flu or any of several other causes. But wait, there’s more…


Simultaneous with the inundation of C19 über alles, hospitals who declare an admitted patient to be a C19 patient (rather than an influenza patient, for example) get a multi-thousand-dollar bonus from the feds for doing so (see a USA Today “fact check” here— but you have to get to the very bottom of a long page before they finally say, “True”), creating an obvious perverse incentive to err in the direction of C19 diagnoses which feeds into the predisposition to do so based on the panic-mongering mentioned above.


ANOTHER PERVERSE INCENTIVE is cloying, “You are all heroes!” swooning with which every local news anchor and state government PSA drips as part of the propaganda effort meant to keep the rest of us compliant as a “new normal” surveillance-and-control apparatus is erected around us on the pretext of saving us all from the ‘Rona– whether we want saving or not. That has to feel pretty good to the portion of medical personnel who remain on the job (huge numbers of them have been laid-off over the last few months since what are actually near-empty hospitals don’t need them).


Sad to say, all that stroking is its own kind of subtle perverse incentive to assume every case being dealt with to be a plague case for which medical people doing their jobs become heroes to everyone else. (That’s as opposed to suspecting that some or most of these cases might be just the flu, which kills at least as many folks each year as even the alleged 85K reported for C19 today, but for treatment of which one has always been treated just as a worker who is, you know, doing his or her job).


SO, WHAT HAS BEEN THE EFFECT of the “probable cause” inclusion into the alleged C19 death stats sought by the CDC on March 4 and 24, and admitted by the CDC in its asterisk-note about the early April additional “guidance” to doctors shown above? Well, look at the following table from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics covering the primary flu season for this year:


Notice that within the week that the CDC issued its, “Seriously, guys, we really meant that March 4 “includes the merely “probable” in your C19 fatality reports” reiteration on March 24 alleged C19 deaths went up more than five-fold– from a highest weekly total yet of 517 to 2,897 the next week, and then 8,893, 14,287, etc., etc.. (And in fact, the week of March 4 they had actually done also jumped up about fivefold from the prior week, even though the numbers were small).


Notice this, too, though perhaps it’s just coincidental: Just after the newest CDC guidance to doctors and hospital administrators about reporting “probable” C19 cases went out, the average weekly flu mortality count dropped by roughly 50% from what had been its steady state for more than two months.


Further, even that “steady-state” flu reporting before the precipitous early April drop was remarkably low at only 6,158 fatalities through all of February 1 through May 9. That’s typically a fairly high activity period for flu deaths, and that is a category in which more than 60,000 deaths in the US is considered a “mild” season.


HERE’S THE TAKEAWAY: The scary 85K C19 fatality figure is nonsense on stilts. It is a contrived figure, meant to frighten you into continued and further acquiescence to the despotic impositions on your liberties by state governments, and the roll-out of further, more permanent oppressions, such as “contact-tracing” and other upgrades to the panopticon.


Share this information. The only thing keeping the impositions going (and the corresponding destruction of liberty, law, and our personal and societal economies) is the continued fear consuming many of our neighbors that the C19 virus is a dire threat to us all– a once-in-a-lifetime genuine plague justifying all the government overreach.


Knock that fear-factor off its pins with the facts presented here, and a whole lot more “Oh, yeah… I’m an American, and we don’t like “lockdowns”…”) is going to start happening. The liberty you save will be your own.


P.S. While you’re properly steamed up over getting played on the numbers, reflect on the fact that all of this has only been possible because of the size, influence, and respect wielded by the Leviathan state. Reflect on the fact that the only way to really put a reliable end to it– or to prevent the next version of the same hobgoblin-flogging (if we succeed in thwarting this one)– is to shrink that Leviathan back down to Constitutional size. Then read this little two-page document.

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