Here’s What I Can Tell You About My Health


RUSH: I’ve got a bunch of emails from you people. You’re not complaining. I understand you’re not complaining. You’re genuine, heartfelt curious. You’re pointing out that I have not given you a health update in longer than you can remember. And you’re right, I haven’t. And I told you that it was going to be this way. I told you that A, I didn’t want to burden anybody with that. That is not why you’re here.

Number two, no matter how you do it, it’s gonna sound like a complaint, and I just don’t complain. And number three, I have — as have you, I have seen people, public figures who get cancer, who then live it publicly, and it’s somehow — I don’t know. It’s just over the top to me. And then sometimes they make the mistake of saying, “Hey, I just saw the doctors and, man, I’m cancer-free,” and then six weeks later… so I have vowed that’s not gonna happen. I’m not gonna in any way perform here or host this program as an ongoing cancer patient with weekly, daily reports, because, as I’ve said, there are good days, bad days; there are good weeks, bad weeks.

Here’s what I can tell you. The last treatment that I had, which is an infusion, was 10 days ago. And today is the first day I feel like being alive after that infusion. You’ve heard me, I say I feel normal, meaning I feel like I’m not taking any medicine. Now, the last infusion, that happened after five days. This one it has taken 10 days to reach this level, which only stands to reason because this infusion was the second one.

So there now are two doses of this treatment medication running throughout the deep, dark crevices of my body and my system. So the more you add to it, the more impact that it’s gonna have. And I actually am very lucky. I am not suffering any of the type or the worst side effects that you hear about. For example, no nausea, no gastric or gastrointestinal distress at all. The primary side effect I have is debilitating fatigue. I can’t even describe it because it’s so much more than being tired.

Everything has a rotten taste. Everything has a rotten smell. I surround myself with key lime scented candles and lavender and lemon candles just to get the rotten sense of smell at bay. And, of course, that bleeds over to a sense of taste, which does nothing for the appetite, obviously. So I’m forcing myself to eat a bunch of stuff that literally tastes like horrible stuff. But these are the things you have to do and I don’t want to tell you this kind of stuff every day.

As far as overall how it is going, every day I wake up, I thank God I did. And that’s pretty much it. So I’m not trying to hide anything, and I’m not trying to shield you from anything. I’m actually simply trying to take what I’ve learned in this process and understand that it changes frequently and constantly, that nothing is guaranteed. And so you take every day as it comes, when you get a good one, you rejoice. When you get a good one you try to maximize it, make the most out of it as you can. When you get a bad day, you try to limit it, you live through it, you don’t complain about it.

America Is Unhappy Because of the Epic Failures of Liberalism




RUSH: All right. So look at that headline right there: “Republicans and Democrats Clash Over Police Reform.” Do you know what this is about? This is about an actual piece of legislation that is being argued and debated in the United States Senate.

And I did a double take because that’s not how laws are made in our country anymore. The Senate and House don’t actually do anything anymore ’cause they’re all afraid to. Our laws come from regulators, unelected bureaucrats and our judges, as has just been demonstrated by these Supreme Court decisions.

Josh Hawley from Missouri got it exactly right when he was complaining about Gorsuch and the decisions on the sexual discrimination cases being lapped into the 1964 Civil Rights Act. You know, to put this in perspective, to show you how we conservatives — look, folks, I don’t want to dispirit you here. I’ve already got a story here of polling data — well, a poll shows that half of Americans are unhappy. Let me find the actual headline. Yeah. “Americans Are the Unhappiest They’ve Been in 50 Years.” Not half of Americans. The unhappiest they’ve been in 50 years. Does that not make sense?

I don’t want to dispirit you here, but do we ever hear about liberal judges not advancing the liberal cause? We do not. They never make a mistake when they appoint a judge. Isn’t that amazing? They never get fooled. They appoint a judge, and that judge knows his job. That judge is to write the law as it should be under liberalism.

We don’t do that. We have these people that rate judges and recommend them to the president, and we pick the best conservatives we can find based on conservative principles and so forth. Then we roll the dice. The bottom line, conservative judges do not consider themselves at all like liberal judges do. You might say, “Well, that’s the way it ought to be. It ought to be that way. They ought to judge cases based on the law, not their agenda.”

Well, that’s why we keep losing, because we’re not on the playing field. We are engaged in a battle for the kind of country we’re going to have. Why do you think the American people are suggesting that they’re more unhappy than they’ve ever been? None of what’s happening now is normal. None of what’s happening now is anything people would design, including the lockdowns, the shutdowns, the pandemic, the ineffective way of dealing with it, the fake news, all of these public protests, all these malcontents.

Look at what we’ve done. Lyndon Johnson, Civil Rights Act 1964. What did we have? We had the Great Society. We had the War on Poverty. We’ve had over $4 trillion of wealth transferred from producers, taxpayers, to people who were discriminated against. They’re worse off today than they were before all this happened. This is one of Shelby Steele’s big points. After all of this supposed help — it’s one of my big points, too — after all of this help, after all this compassion, after all this assistance provided by the Democrat Party, we’ve got an angrier population of minorities than we have ever had.

And most people in this country do not think they’re racist. They think they’ve gone out of their way to avoid being racists. They’ve gone out of their way to be cooperating. They’ve gone out of their way to be sympathetic. It doesn’t compute. Most people are ask, “What the hell else can I do?” Now, if you get into the Millennial demographic, they’re not old enough to have had this perspective yet. And I have mentioned the past couple of days — and this is true — that the vast majority of violent protests, not all, but the vast majority of violent protests are being conducted by white Millennial kids.

And in that group, it’s a hell of a lot of women. Their minds and brains have been totally commandeered. You parents who have kids at college or recently were at college and have come home, you know exactly what I’m talking about. After two years there, they come home and they start telling you how you’re racist, you’re destroying the planet with climate change, you’re listening to complaints about your parenting and the way you’ve run the country that you don’t even recognize.

But your kids have been indoctrinated to believe that this country is white privileged, it’s white systemic — I get these two terms confused. White privilege, white supremacy. And the dangerous thing is, I’ve seen evidence. I’ve had parents call here that start agreeing with their kids. Their kids are coming home from college and persuading them that they’re right. So then when the kids go to Seattle and start burning things down, the parents are proud of ’em. Other people, what the hell is happening to our country?

If you think in the big picture of things, what is there to be happy about? Well, we’re alive. But that doesn’t count because everybody takes that for granted every day. Let’s see. The economy may be coming back. Well, yeah, but do you notice that there’s an effort to try to dispirit you on that? There is an effort — it is ongoing and never ending — to depress you, to dispirit you. I find so much of this totally explainable why people would be unhappy.


RUSH: Look at this headline: “Manhattan DA [Refuses] Declines to Prosecute the Man Arrested who Committed Vandalism Against St. Patrick’s Cathedral.”

Do you realize how often this is happening all over the country? The vandals, the rioters, the looters, none of them are being prosecuted! Why do you think that is? Well, because at the root of it is Black Lives Matter, and everybody is scared to death of ’em, literally scared to death of ’em, and so it’s just the path of least resistance.

“Okay. We catch somebody looting? We catch a bunch of people looting, vandalizing? No prosecution.” There’s this firm out there that has raised $30 million to bail some of these perps out of jail. Do you know how much they’ve spent? As of yesterday, $200,000. So there’s $29,800,000 hasn’t been spent yet that has been raised on bail for Black Lives Matter and other type perps.

Where’s that money? Where’s that money go? I’ll guaran-damn-tee you that money’s going right to the Democrat Party. It’s going right to the presidential campaign. It’s going right to the Democrat National Committee. What do you mean, “Where’s it going?” The only place it can go! All of this talk about these police reports and how racist they are and how bigoted and how out of control they are.

Didn’t Obama and Eric Holder have the Department of Justice take over something like 36 of these police departments under consent decrees? They took over police departments from Oakland to Baltimore — I think they tried in St. Louis, Ferguson, dozens of cities in between — and you know why they did it? These consent decrees are well known.

It was the way Obama wanted to federalize local police forces. He and Holder had this as an objective, “federalizing” mean give the federal government control over as much as possible, including local policing. Thirty-six American police departments were taken over by the federal government. They were demanded. They were told that they had to do certain things, and if they couldn’t, that’s consent decree would apply, and they were given impossible conditions to meet.

So a number of these police departments — and I’m not kidding: Oakland, Baltimore — ended up under the control of the federal government. So how can there be any police racism or brutality after police departments have been under the enlightened control of the Obama-Holder administration? How does that happen? How is it that places that have been run by the Democrat Party for decades…?

How is it that there’s any racism anywhere in these cities, much less just the police department? The Democrat Party promises to end all of that, and they promise to punish all the people responsible for it — us, conservative Republicans — and yet we don’t have a presence in any of these cities where we have any ability to shape the law or regulations! This is all on the Democrat Party.

I’ll tell you, I think a lot of these statues coming down and all of this stuff going on is Democrats doing the best to get rid of their symbols of failure. The Democrats are doing everything they can to divert everybody’s attention away from what has been decades of failure — failed promises, failed implementations of policy. ‘Cause virtually everything they’ve been promising, particularly to minority communities, hasn’t come to pass.

The minority communities are angrier today than they’ve ever been, after $4 trillion transfer of wealth to the Great Society programs and the War on Poverty, all of those things that LBJ created. Listen to Shelby Steele. He will tell you that the black community, in terms of education, in terms of jobs, in terms of standard of living, they were all doing better — including in Harlem!

They were all doing better before the War on Poverty, before the Great Society. And he will tell you that the Great Society and the War on Poverty were not about actually improving the lives of African-Americans. They were all about improving the political prospects of politicians who supported the legislation. It was the greatest example of “I care” you’ve ever seen.

It had gazillion-dollar price tags to it. It had all kinds of blame. It had all kinds of promises. But as we know now, we can watch the country burn in various blue cities after various blue cities and various blue states, and we can see by the evidence in our eyes that there hasn’t been anything that the Democrat Party has engaged in that has made one person in the minority community they claim to serve happy.


RUSH: I’m still zeroed in on this story: “Americans Are Unhappiest They’ve Been in 50 years, Poll Shows.” By the way, this poll was taken by something called NORC. This is not defined in this stupid story, so I don’t know what it is. It’s NORC at the University of Chicago. I’ve never heard of it.

The senior research scientist with NORC at the University of Chicago is Louise Hawkley, and she says (summarized), “Well, loneliness, surprisingly, was not more prevalent among people who claim they’re unhappier than ever. Loneliness is not as high as it could be. People have figured out a way connect with others.

“It’s just not satisfactory, but people are managing, to some extent.” Most of it, I guess, is based on people’s fear for their kids’ economic future, which makes total sense. I mean (chuckles), although that’s a common parental concern in good times as well.

So apparently there’s a new China outbreak in Beijing. It’s caused them to halt flights, to shut schools. Residents, just as they were in Wuhan, are now being rounded up and sent to who knows where. So depending on the fake news you look at, you can find any reason in the world to be unhappy, is the point.


RUSH: Carolyn in Virginia Beach. You’re up first today. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for listening to me, and mega prayers and dittos. I was just going to say that I think that the unhappiness is just another sign that Trump is gonna win again.

RUSH: Okay. Tell me why.

CALLER: So, because the same thing like it was back in 2016 where we were forced not to speak the truth. The same thing is happening all over again. You’re not allowed to raise your voice or show your flag, because the cancel culture will come down on you hard. You see all these companies out there really honestly making fools of themselves with all this stuff.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and listening, and I feel like there’s gonna be many more black Americans voting for Trump than the left wants to admit, and so they’re just trying to continue to scare us. It’s really hard to find anything positive to listen to on the media or to read these days, but when you do find something…

Like I found something last night where this woman who sounds like she was a pretty flaming liberal went to a Trump rally and actually enjoyed herself and says she’s gonna vote for Trump. So I just think that they’re being scared, and we just have to stand up for the truth and for our country. And one more thing. Tim Scott today did an amazing job with this whole police reform, which they also don’t want Trump to get through. You want to talk about somebody for 2024? Tim Scott is in there, too, because —

RUSH: Could you explain something to me, Carolyn?


RUSH: Don’t get mad at me, folks. What is in this reform bill that Tim Scott and these other guys are planning?

CALLER: What is it?

RUSH: Yeah. You like it. What’s in it?

CALLER: I don’t know that I necessarily like it, but I feel like some of the stuff that especially if they can tame down the unions. I mean, unfortunately I know that the unions help good cops sometimes, but it might be that they’re helping bad cops more than they’re helping good cops, and so they were talking something about dealing with the unions a little bit.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I’m not sure about the whole chokehold thing. My nephew is a police officer, and I know that it’s really hard to take people down sometimes, but the things that we’ve been shown —

RUSH: I’ll bet you have a mean chokehold. You sound like somebody that would have a mean chokehold. You sound like a no-nonsense choke holder.

CALLER: Well, they’re not gonna get me down.

RUSH: (laughing) Yes. All right. Well, I appreciate the call. I understand the sentiment with this poll out there with so much American unhappiness it pretty much translates into a Donald Trump reelection. Now, keep in mind — and I don’t have to tell you this, that the media — and it’s not media. The Democrats in the media, whatever the hell they are, they are attempting to — the reason for this poll: More Americans today are unhappy because of Trump.

Because of what Trump’s done. Because of the mockery Trump has made of the White House and the presidency. And Trump’s the reason people are unhappy. Trump’s the reason they’re burning down cities. Trump is the reason that white cops think they can go out and kill black people. They’re trying to throw all of this off on Trump, either directly or indirectly. But regardless how they’re trying it they want that to be the conclusion.

Folks, I’m telling you. I’ll tell you one more time. What they’re really trying to do is convince all of you Trump voters that none of this would be happening if you hadn’t elected Trump in the first place, that you ultimately are responsible for this. These people will tell, you know, we’ll go back to being sane, we’ll go back to being cooperative and nice and all that when you get rid of that guy. You have ruined this country by electing that guy, and he’s the reason we’ve gone insane, he’s the reason we’re crazy. You elected him. You get rid of him, and I guarantee you the country will get back to normal and none of this will continue.

That’s what they want you to believe, however they go about convincing you of it. They want you to believe all this is your fault, it’s your responsibility, you elected the guy, and you stand by him, that everything they’re doing is justified because he’s so dangerous, he’s so unqualified, he’s so stupid. Their insanity is justified because of Donald Trump, and you made it happen. I’m just trying to warn you of the pressure that you are going to be under in the coming months.


RUSH: Here’s Diane in Allentown, Pennsylvania. You’re next. Hello.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: We offer prayers every day for you, sir.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you.

CALLER: Okay. So what I’ve been thinking about is while we have citizens of the country imposing and infringing and impinging on the rights of other citizens with these Marxist takeovers and marches and all the anarchy, what our government is focusing on is reforming the police. Once again, we’re bending over to make the left happy while practically ignoring what they’re doing. I’d like to know what you think about that.

RUSH: I think that is right on the money.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: I started the program talking about the Senate doing legislation on police reform and how unusual it is to actually see the Senate or the House actually working on a bill. ‘Cause legislation doesn’t come from the Congress anymore. It comes from judges or from unelected regulators up on various cabinet levels.

But I think you’re exactly right. But this is what happens. This is exactly what Republicans do. So let’s back to 2009. Barack Hussein O is the president, and we’ve known since the campaign of 2008 that he was going to try to nationalize American health care. It was gonna be called Obamacare.

And we are expecting our party to push back on this! There is no way the Republican Party is for socialized medicine. There is no way the Republican Party is for single-payer — and a bunch of Republicans ran for office in 2008 on that promise, to oppose it. So Obama brings it up, and what’s the Republican response?

“Okay. But we think we can do it better. We think we can do it smarter.” They were afraid to oppose Obama because what? Race. They were scared to death to oppose Obama, to criticize Obama, to disagree with Obama on anything. And so that’s when the Tea Party erupted. A bunch of people who had never formally been involved with politics came out of the woodwork, organically. They were upset it all the spending. They were upset at the legislation itself.

The Republican Party and Democrat Party were blindsided by it. There was no singular leader to attack to destroy it. And they were opposed to. They were scared to death of the Tea Party so they immediately created Occupy Wall Street as a supposed organic Democrat uprising. But the bottom line is that the Republican reaction was not to push back but rather to say, “We think we can do it smarter.” It was a pure pander.

Now we have police reform. Don’t forget there are two elements of this, and one of them is an executive order by the president. And then we have this legislation that Tim Scott and others are running in the Senate that contain Opportunity Zones and some other things. But you’re right, it’s the same thing. So a bunch of cops — well, let me rephrase that. A few cops do some really stupid, disgusting things and protests and discord erupt all over.

And what do we do? We act like it’s our fault. We act like they’re right, it’s our fault, we’ve gotta prove to them that we’re not like those cops. We gotta prove to them that we’re not racists. So we’re gonna come up with a police reform bill. Pelosi and Schumer sit there and smile. They don’t have to do diddly-squat. In fact, they can oppose it all day long and say it doesn’t go far enough. Pelosi can sit there and say I’m gonna kill this bill by throwing a bunch of spending in it that you can’t possibly support.

You think they’re gonna let the Republicans get away with winning this? You think they’re gonna let the Republicans succeed in carrying the mantle of police reformists into the presidential election? There’s no way. But you’re right, it’s not pushback. It’s the exact opposite. Some people call it pandering. Other people would call it the path of least resistance or what have you.

Regardless, what it does is accept the status quo and accept that we might be somewhat responsible for it. We might be, we’ll fix it. ‘Cause it’s just so much easier to tell these people to go to hell and to straighten up and fly right and stop the BS. Nobody’s inclined to do that. Nobody is inclined to say that. I don’t know of a single elected official who will say that to any of the vandals, any of the looters, any of the people that are destroying and rioting and commandeering private property.

We’ve got prosecutors that are vacating charges against people who have been caught after looting Macy’s, after having been caught burning down buildings and stores, prosecutors are racing in Los Angeles, California, New York, they are racing to absolve these perps and to announce they won’t be charged. I mean, it couldn’t be being handled in a worse way than what we are witnessing.

The Lockdown Didn’t Save Any Lives, But the Elites Want Another One




RUSH: Here’s the detail on the Hoover Institution research. David Henderson is the researcher. He says, “Coronavirus lockdowns cost U.S. economy $1T without saving many lives,” and the way he found this… “The best study so far, believe it or not, is from [University of California] Berkeley. And they found social distancing measures plus harsh shelter-in-place measures saved about 74,000 lives.

“And even that’s an exaggeration for two reasons,” and he goes on to explain that “we’ve had a major increase in suicides because it’s very hard for people” who felt hopeless, to begin with, and they lose their jobs, and they have no future. “[I]t’s very hard for people to live this way,” he says. “And second, there’s a study in Germany that says … a lot of these deaths aren’t so much prevented as delayed, because unless the vaccine comes along … which no one expects, then people are going to die later.”

They are gonna die. So, again… (sigh) I don’t mean to be redundant here, but the lockdown was not designed to save lives, and I keep harping on this because there are so many lies and distortions and lying intentions that the media is attempting. They want another lockdown. They are desperate for it. They think they got Trump on the ropes — and another lockdown, and he won’t survive it ’cause the economy can’t handle it.

(excitedly) “A lot more people will lose their jobs, and a lot more people will become destitute, and a lot more people will need welfare, and a lot of people won’t get the welfare that they need because we don’t have the money to provide it for ’em. We can’t keep printing it. It will be a total disaster and we can blame it on Trump!” Now, people say, “Are they not gonna be affected?”

Folks, they aren’t. The leaders of these movements are not. That is the whole point. The leaders of socialist movements are never impacted by the mess they create for everybody else. That’s why they’re called “elites.” That’s why they’re not worried about it. I mean, it’s an ultimate act of selfishness, and there’s no patriotism involved in this at all.

The original reason for the lockdown was to make sure hospitals were not overrun with COVID-19 cases, ’cause we didn’t have the capability of dealing with it. But even, remember, we built the field hospital in Central Park; never used it? We had the ship, the Navy ship Mercy goes in to dock in New York. They never used it, and it was used for non-COVID-19 cases.

It was there to make sure there was hospital space for people who not being able to get into hospitals ’cause they were overrun with COVID-19 patients. They were not overrun. A couple of hospitals were, but, overall, once we got the ventilators built and the masks and the PPE, then everything was fine, and it’s fine now.

The hospitals are entirely capable of handling whatever would come their way. At least they’re in much better shape to handle it now than at the beginning of all this. But the reason for the lockdown was not to save your life. The reason for the lockdown — they want you to think — is that’s how you save your life. “If you lockdown, you will not get the virus.

“If you lock down and if you stay home and you follow our guidelines, you will not get sick.” Yeah, until you go stir-crazy and leave your house. They couldn’t sustain the lockdown forever, although some Democrat governors are still trying to. But all the lockdown was, was a delay. It was never intended to save lives. It was never intended to stop the spread of the virus. The only thing that could do that is a vaccine, and we’re nowhere near a vaccine.

There may be some therapeutic treatments that would help if there were actually some that worked, but there aren’t yet. So it was not about anything people thought. One of the ways they got compliance… Do you realize? We were talking about this. We had a caller the other day talking about how flat-out easy it was to get the American people to stay home for three months in a row.

And what happened in those three months? The last three years of an economic revival like the country hadn’t seen were destroyed. Three months. I will guarantee you that the leftist, socialist leaders looked at that and said, “This is beyond our wildest dreams! People stayed home for three months and never once pushed back against this?”

They probably couldn’t believe their good luck, because what did it tell them? It told ’em they could do it again if they come up with sufficient fright and if they come up with sufficient solutions to the sufficient fright. So the sufficient fright is, “You could die! The solution? Stay home! You won’t die.” The two don’t go together, ’cause you can’t stay home forever.

Nobody’s ever gonna pull that off. At any rate, the effort is ongoing. Here’s a brand-new story: “Coronavirus Model Once Used by White House Now Predicts 200,000 U.S. Deaths by October.” Once used by the White House? What does that have to do with anything? This is one of the fake models from the University of Washington. It has never been right.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, IHME, is probably one of the first modeling units you heard about when all this began, and there was one from the U.K. These two models together predicted anywhere 2.2 million deaths to 500,000; then they revised it all down when they factored in social distancing. So now we’ve got a story, and this story is from CBS:

“Coronavirus Model Once Used by White House Now Predicts 200,000 U.S. Deaths by October.” What? How does it add credibility to this to say that it was “once used by the White House”? It must be because people trust the White House Coronavirus Task Force still, or, believe me, that wouldn’t be in the headline, and that wouldn’t be part of the story.

So here are the details: “A coronavirus model once used by the White House now projects more than 200,000 Americans could die of COVID-19 by October 1. The prediction went up by more than 30,000 since last week.” Have you forgotten that 200,000 might — could have been gonna — die by May 1st? Or pick a month! There was a model that predicted that I’m sure.

These models have been all over the place. The last thing these people want is for the NBA to start up and the NFL to start-up and Major League Baseball to start up. They don’t want that happening. They don’t want you to have any diversions. They want you mired in all this misery, and they want you blaming Donald Trump for it.

“According to the latest model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, a research institute once utilized by the White House for coronavirus projections, another 85,000 or so deaths are now projected by October 1. IHME’s interactive projections show that by October 1, deaths from the coronavirus in the United States could reach anywhere from 171,000 to 270,000, with a likely figure in between of about 201,129.”

We’ve seen these numbers before, and they have never been right. The IHME says, well, “rising mobility and premature relaxation of social distancing in some states are the main reasons…” Wait, wait, wait! We just had a story that there hasn’t been a massive outbreak of cases among the looters and the rioters of Black Lives Matter — and, believe me, they have been amassing in massive numbers.

They have been. By the way, this is something to note, folks. You take a look at some of these Black Lives Matter protests like the one that happened in Brooklyn that everybody’s seen the picture of (or wherever you’ve seen them). They are larger than Trump rallies. I don’t… They’re outdoors. They are larger than Trump rallies — and if you look carefully, the vast majority of attendees are young white Millennials.

And if you look even closer than that you’re gonna see the majority of the white Millennials are female. They have bought hook, line, sinker into the idea America’s a racist nation, still, slavery-based. They’re filled with sympathy. They’re filled with guilt. Their college professors have succeeded like your parents never have succeeded in raising your kids. Your kids’ minds have been corrupted like you can’t imagine.

Not only do these young people believe the worst of their country, they believe their parents were part of the problem. Whether you knew it or not, you don’t have an excuse. Ignorance is no excuse. They’re out there and they are marching. And they have money. Another little known fact is these white protesters’ affluence is one of the primary characteristics. And the Black Lives Matter people are very happy about that.

But huge crowds and we haven’t had a massive reporting of new cases. And those people have been shoulder-to-shoulder. They’ve been belly-to-belly. They’ve been back-to-back. They’ve been pelvis-to-pelvis. They’ve been mouth-to-mouth. They’ve been butt-to-butt. They’ve been getting together every which way it is known to get together, and no new cases. Have I covered everything there? Not being a transgender, I may have left out some new techniques. Tongue-to-tongue, yes, but that’s not new. Neither is tongue to the pelvis. But you get my point.

They have been swarming together, and they have not been socially distancing. And not all of them have been wearing masks. And they have been amassing in pretty big numbers. So here comes this bogus model projection again, now trying to — the real reason for saying that a model once used by the White House, they actually want you to think that this is a Trump administration prediction, not their model prediction. They want you to think the Trump administration is behind this.

Why? ‘Cause they know you people who love Trump will believe it. Because you think Trump doesn’t lie. You think Trump is telling the truth. So if this was a model used by the White House, then it must be true. I mean, the degree of deceit that is being used under the guise of journalism every day in this country is impossible to keep calculating.