A harmful courtroom victory against “lockdown” abuse; “Hate Crimes”, “Black with a capital “B”, and who can rightfully be held liable for civil rights violations; and ‘Julian Assange in Limbo’

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Rearranging The Deck Chairs While The Titanic Sinks

A much worse than useless response to state government defiance of the law.

WHILE I WAS GETTING DRESSED SATURDAY MORNING, Doreen brought me coffee, along with the highlights of what she had seen on the morning news while puttering in the kitchen (as she always does, bless her heart). Her big story that morning was Michigan’s “Governess” Gretchen Whitmer (as Doreen likes to call her) seething over a decision by a federal judge the day before in LIFFTI v. Whitmer overruling the Governess’s threat of sanctions against gym owners if they dared to exercise their rights, open their doors, and attempt to survive.

It’s nice to see Gretchen Whitmer “seethe”. But the fact is, Whitmer’s not really angry at all, or, at least, hasn’t anything to really be angry about.

The ruling in the case is handsomely-written and well-reasoned within the context of the particular arguments made by the Plaintiffs. (This praise leaves aside an unfortunate reliance by the court on a very bent 1905 case– Jacobson v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11, 29 (1905). In that case, a poorly-briefed(?) Supreme Court upheld a community-wide coercive vaccination program, failing to recognize that those declining vaccination put only themselves at risk and such refusals could not, therefore, be said to present a “public health emergency” even if such an alleged emergency could properly be deemed a valid justification for otherwise violating anyone’s personal sovereignty.)

But the LIFFTI ruling enjoins prosecution of the Plaintiffs for reopening their businesses only on the grounds that Whitmer’s order keeping them closed is arbitrary, in light of the permitted re-opening of other businesses within Michigan. It even specifies that the Plaintiffs may only re-open incrementally and under protocols and other limitations specified by Whitmer in regard to other re-openings which she has already “permitted”.

In short, the ruling, while doubtless very welcomed by the Plaintiffs and doubtless very annoying to Whitmer, actually embraces (or in any event, leaves undisturbed) the fundamental proposition that Gretchen Whitmer can legally dictate the closing of gymnasiums and fitness centers (or anything and everything else), and punish those who defy her diktats. It is that fundamental– and fundamentally wrong– proposition that needed a slap-down by the court.

Instead, that fundamentally wrong and very dangerous proposition– which is, in fact, an existential threat to the American Experiment– is given cover by this misdirected suit and its misdirected ruling.



A Few Bits Of Dryrot That Have Caught My Attention This Week

Call it a deskchair forensic analysis of an ongoing crime scene…

GEORGIA IS EMBRACING A DEGREE OF MADNESS, it would appear. For one thing the state is poised to enact a “hate crimes” law– a law meant to punish people for thoughts of which the state disapproves.

As noxious as some points of view may be none are more so than those embracing the notion that any American government can properly attempt to suppress points of view it finds unwelcome, whether by direct censorship or by turning its stink-eye on expressions of the disfavored views, which it will attempt to detect and sanction.

It would be better that everyone growl and spit at each other in the public square in perpetuity than that any minority be compelled to “get their minds right” and conform in their thinking to the majority view by relentless fear of punishment for exposing any hint of the disfavored view– in writing or any form of public speech– over a generation or three. “Hate crime” laws are a long-term “re-education camp” approach, and have no place in this country.

IF I WEREN’T THE WISELY-CYNICAL PERSON I have become after 65 years of watching spin-doctors and other propagandists’ work, I would be mystified as to why some MSM are now capitalizing “black” when referring to African-Americans (and yet are not doing the same when referring to “whites”…). It is as though the descriptor “black” has become, for these pathetic panderers to opportunistic racism-baiters, an honorific.

MUCH IN THE NEWS LAST WEEK was the June 15 ruling by the Supreme Court in the consolidated case reported as Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia. In that ruling it was held, among other things, that people afflicted with gender dysphoria, a psychological aberration in which a victim’s actual gender is rejected by the diseased mind, are protected from being fired because of the condition under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Many folks are all atwitter over that part of the decision in particular.

Aimee Stephens, the plaintiff in the case involving gender dysphoria, had been hired as a funeral director in a Michigan funeral home. Having fallen into the depths of his disease, Aimee began cross-dressing at work, in violation of a dress-code policy with which he had agreed to comply at time of hire, and was terminated for doing so.



Other Voices

‘Julian Assange In Limbo’

A lion of virtue persecuted by a swarm of jackals, with our liberty at stake.

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