A MUST WATCH video that reveals the C19 fatality-figure hoax in granular and gut-wrenching detail


WHEN YOU’RE DONE with this hour of truth power, you will find that it has shown you– better than anything I have shared with you previously– that the “120,000 dead from C19” claim that’s keeping the panic and all its attendant evils alive is pure bs on stilts, and always has been.


This will be especially clear when you keep in mind that New York, in which this whistle-blower worked and on which she concentrates, is responsible for more than 30,000– fully 25%– of the supposed C19 deaths making up the scary national total, and other states like Michigan, for instance, which have engaged in the same vile practices exposed here, have kicked in other big chunks of that 120,000 figure.


After watching, SHARE THIS EMAIL LIKE WILDFIRE and help slay the hobgoblin that has already taken so much from all of us, is still taking more and more right now, and is promising to take more still for as long as it is allowed to live.

Find more debunking info in the form of documentation and analysis at http://losthorizons.com/THS.htm, and find detailed legal debunks of the supposed validity of all “lockdown”, “must mask” and other “emergency” executive orders at http://losthorizons.com/THS.htm#16.

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