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Day: July 3, 2020

BOTT 2020 | Just Want You

Just Want You – Because of the Times 2020 Originally recorded by Brittani Scott. Written by Ashley Fruhling, Sean Hill, and Brittani Scott. Sang by Andrea Hebron. Filmed live at The Pentecostals of Alexandria.…   Just Want You Let the atmosphere be filled with sounds of heaven you are welcome here, Lord, grace us with your presence Let our praises be a fragrant invitation We want more of You your attention is the greatest of all treasures We are desperate for miraculous encounters Let our worship draw your Spirit… Read more BOTT 2020 | Just Want You

Students organize concerts to intentionally infect corona and prizes for patients

Students in the American state of Alabama held concerts aimed at deliberately spreading the “Corona” virus among the attendees, with the first person infected with the virus receiving a financial prize, According to Tuscaloosa City Council member Sonia McKinstry, party hosts intentionally invited people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus to these gatherings and said they put the money in a container, and tried to get healthy people to mix with the injured intentionally; As the first injured of them gets the prize money. ” This comes after the city… Read more Students organize concerts to intentionally infect corona and prizes for patients

Happy Independence Day!

Genius Gems “Early immigrants came to this country to become Americans. They didn’t come here to establish their own cultures on American soil like is happening now.” ⁠—Rush   “There’s nothing in the news media that’s true anymore. You have to constantly remember this. There’s nothing that’s true.” ⁠—Rush   “I’m a 28-year-old Puerto Rican, and I grew up in Newark, New Jersey. There was a point in my life that I was scared to go outside in fear of getting mugged, beat up, but these white liberals never have.… Read more Happy Independence Day!