City of Seattle Sends Employees to Segregated ‘Undoing Your Own Whiteness’ Workshop

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A woman is placed under arrest in Seattle last week as police finished clearing the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, an occupation of an area of the city that led to two deaths. The CHOP saga embarrassed the city nationally, but as it turns out, that was all that was going one that was shameful in Seattle. (Jason Redmond / AFP via Getty Images)

By Joe Saunders

Published July 8, 2020 at 2:52pm

Seattle has gone from a summer of love to a season of shame.

It was bad enough the city has been a national disgrace for the better of a month, ever since Black Lives Matter protests turned a six-square-block downtown area into their own squalid, anarchic territory.

The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest wasn’t over until July 1, when the city finally took action in force, but not before two young men had been shot to death — 19-year-old and a 16-year-old.

Both of them were black — an ugly irony in a “Black Lives Matter” event.

It was a far cry from what Mayor Jenny Durkan had once optimistically predicted could be a “summer of love.”

But that was only the Seattle better-known humiliation. It turns out, the Emerald City has also been forcing white employees to attend an instructional class officially aimed at “undoing your own whiteness” but what sounds a lot like inculcating self-loathing solely on the basis of skin color.

As Fox News reported, Christopher Rufo, an editor for the conservative, New York-based City Journal, has documented a training session Seattle held for white city employees  June 12 that would probably outrage a city that still had some sense of decency.

In a Twitter thread, Rufo wrote that he had done a public records request for the session on ““Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness.”

First there was an outline of what constituted “internalized racial oppression.” For whites, apparently, that included traits like perfectionism, arrogance and objectivity.

The clearly subjective nature of the material brought logical problems, Rufo noted.

That was probably dealt with by the employees then engaging in some self-indoctrination, Rufo wrote.

Then came the point where rubber of self-degradation hit the road of utter abasement – and employees were instructed to “let go” of apparently white expectations, including  “guaranteed physical safety” and “social niceties.” (Most people would probably think of those things as being part of “civilization,” but most people don’t live in Seattle.)

Here’s how Seattle pitched this Stockholm Syndrome workshop to its white employees:

And how would employees know that it worked?

When “white normative behavior” is out. (That presumably includes “perfectionism” and “objectivity,” so Seattle residents better hope the tax collector’s office wasn’t part of this. Or the engineering department. In fact, it’s hard to think where striving for accuracy and ojectivity wouldn’t come in handy in city government, but maybe Seattle knows better.)


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When “other white people may be angry.” (This seems like a moving target. As the session organizers should guess by now, white people can get angry at any number of things that have nothing to do with racism. Other white people not using their turn signals, for instance. Or black people, or Asian people not using their turn signals.)

If all of this sounds more than a little Maoist, if it seems more than a little alarming to think an American city is engaging in openly racist practices like this, it should and it is.

And a city that has already made a disgraceful name for itself on the national stage just lowered itself a step further.

A rainy climate might have given Seattle the nickname Emerald City, but its politics should be making it red with embarrassment.

The Western Journal reached out to the Seattle mayor’s office for comment Wednesday.

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