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Day: July 31, 2020

Foods High in Vitamin D

Why You Need Vitamin D It’s important for your bones, blood cells, and immune system — your body’s defense against germs. You get most of your vitamin D from sunlight on your skin. Just a few minutes a day on your hands and face should do the trick. But you can also get it from food. If you’re homebound, sick, or older, you might not get enough vitamin D. Talk to your doctor if you think your levels are low.  How Much Do You Need? Most adults need about 15… Read more Foods High in Vitamin D

Healthy Reasons to Slice Into Watermelon

Loaded With Lycopene The cheery red color comes from lycopene, an antioxidant. Studies show it may help curb your risk of cancer and diabetes as part of a healthy lifestyle. Watermelon has more of this nutrient than any other fruit or veggie — even tomatoes. To load up on lycopene, choose a melon with bright red flesh rather than yellow or orange. And the riper, the better. Also, seedless melon tends to have more lycopene than those with seeds. Sun Benefit? Some pigments help protect plants from the sun. Oddly… Read more Healthy Reasons to Slice Into Watermelon