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Keep Saying It

The Bible reveals to us that when Jesus was baptized, God spoke from heaven and He said, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased, listen to Him…” When Jesus was baptized He went into the wilderness to fast for forty days and forty nights. The devil came to tempt Him: he said, “If you are the son of God, turn these stones into bread…”
This is so remarkable, the devil heard it when God said this is my beloved son – he came questioning the same words – IF YOU ARE THE SON of God turns these stones into bread. Sometimes when you receive an answer to your prayer or when you say out your testimony, the devil will pursue you to see if you really believe what God has done for you. To conquer him hold on to what God has done for you. Keep saying it; don’t stop saying your testimony.
Counter attacks remind me of what lions do when they see prey. The old lions, those without energy (without teeth) will go where the wind is blowing from. They will roar and the prey will flee in the direction where the wind is going. The young energetic lions will be where the wind is going so when the older lions roar, the prey will run into the younger lions.
See, the devil is a toothless bulldog, no matter how he barks he cannot bite you. Some people are afraid of his roar. When he roars run towards him and face him eyeball to eyeball, tell him you are a liar, I will chew you up! This is what David did when he saw Goliath, he ran towards him, without a sword in his hand and he declared that he was going to cut off his head and give his carcasses to the birds of the air.
You have prayed for so long, God has heard your prayers, He has answered you today. A slow movement of a tiger is not a mistake but it is a calculated accuracy. What you are going through might be to strengthen you for a new level ahead; it might be to prepare you for the challenges or responsibilities ahead. It might be to strengthen your desire for God; it might be preserving you and keeping you for a greater tomorrow. Don’t lose focus, don’t lose your miracle, it is a passing phase, you are making history. Isaiah said: THOSE WHO SHALL WAIT UPON FOR THE LORD SHALL RENEW THEIR STRENGTH THEY SHALL MOUNT UP WINGS LIKE EAGLES.
One day we shall read about you, we shall hear your story; you will be saying, look at what God has done for me. If fire cannot burn gold, temptations will not burn you, you are only purified as gold, and one day you will be presented before God, blameless and holy just like pure gold. 
Conclusion: Trust God, He has led many others, He will not fail you! Anything close to God will receive counter-attacks; this is proof that you have received your answer. Why would the devil tempt you if you haven’t received your miracle? When counter-attacks come, it shows that you have received your miracle indeed!!