The Joker’s Latest Caper

Why not? This C-19 hoax is a dystopian fantasist’s best possible nightmare scenario.


If the “C19 pandemic” had been described to you six months ago, with all its 24/7 media panic-mongering, bogus fatality-counting protocols, suppression of effective treatments, rule-of-law-destroying policy theatrics and other ruinous reactions in its name (not to mention the emerging end-goals of $billions in treatment and vaccine sales for certain profiteers, and for others, massively-increased state power) you’d have thought it a fantasy crime that could only be dreamed up by Hollywood as the Joker’s next big caper.

The character of this hoax has the grinning guy’s fingerprints all over it. It is so bold, broad and audacious both in its fraudulence and its execution that most of its victims can no more detect it than can a fish perceive being in water. The thing is so big it’s almost impossible to see the edges.

Indeed, the effectiveness of the hoax is as though an aerosol of delusion-inducing vapor has been sprayed throughout the world, just as one can imagine the Joker gleefully plotting. Maybe there’s actually something solid to all that chemtrails stuff, after all…

ANYWAY, I DON’T WANT TO BELABOR the “Batman” thing overly much. But it’s a useful analogy for putting the current assault by way of the pandemic madness into perspective, so as to break free of its spell.

And break that spell we must, right now.

What’s being done to you and your kids right now under the mantle of this “C19-is-the-plague-reborn” hoax is horrendously evil and destructive– economically, philosophically and spiritually. Every day that the assault persists un-resisted is another step toward a point of no return– psychologically, politically and sociologically.

Every day, constituencies for the “new normal” become more deeply invested and better able to defend their interest in its perpetuation. Every day, young people, fed intense doses of conditioning into a world-view amenable to the hoax and its purposes, are left with ever-more-likely-to-be-permanent cognitive filters.

How can the unopposed persistence of this insanity, and its being allowed to settle in and only be mitigated as those who now claim authority under its mantle see fit, not mean that any time a further measure of control over Americans’ lives and choices is wanted by those in a position to make it happen, another viral outbreak or the like will be announced?

Indeed, this C19 “crisis”– in which at most a paltry few 10s of thousands of deaths have occurred here in the USA (when confined to those actually from the virus, rather than merely with the virus), with half of those being generated by the deliberate seeding of contagious patients into super-vulnerable nursing-home environments (see all the data here)– is itself a beneficiary of the last nothing-can-ever-be-the-same fake “crisis”. That one, launched in 2001, served to prepare a generation of young Americans for tolerance of unlimited “existential threat” rationales for every unbridled state ambition already in the queue up to that point, and quite a few more since, the effects of which are now being leveraged to facilitate even greater over-reach.

ALREADY, THE POLITICAL CLASS has arrogated to itself the “authority” to simply disregard the Constitutions by the sole authority of which its members hold office in the first place. Already, a large portion of the population has been brought to the point of shrieking– in genuine anger– at those who refuse to share their delusion (by not wearing masks, for instance).

Already people are kept from visiting loved ones whose immune function has been suppressed by months of isolation, have contracted an illness, and have vanished into the bowels of hospitals from which real antiviral treatments have been banned and in which grandma or grandpa (or mom or dad) will instead be injected with paralytics and fitted for a ventilator on their way to becoming another alleged victim of the terrible plague.

Already, Americans are thoroughly acclimated to the double-think of having ready access to undisputed data proving that C19 is barely worth noticing, and yet maintaining a state of anxiety-ridden panic about it. In the grip of this cognitive dissonance these brainwashed victims accede without a meaningful murmur to the closing of their churches and places of political assembly, the insane inflationary printing of huge swaths of currency (much of which disappeared into politically-connected pockets with no relationship to even the purported ill-effects of the disease), and the tracking by government of their every move, including every contact they make with others.

Already, large numbers of business owners simply close their doors– most without even a peep– when ordered to do so by state governors who are expressly prohibited from making such orders (more on that below). At most, a handful of such business owners take a shot at a tepid lawsuit in protest.

Even these half-upright standouts never deliver in their suits the hammer-blow of state Constitutional proscriptions, which prohibit the orders no matter what they say or why. Instead, these suits argue only that the orders are inconsistent, or should have input from legislatures, or are some kind of vague speech or assembly infringement.

Fewer still are those harmed by such orders who actually stand fully upright and just say “NO!” (I know of only one.)

FRIENDS, THE JOKER IS HAVING HIS WAY WITH US, so far. This can’t go on, or rather, shouldn’t be allowed to go on.

I pray that it does not. Here is what I pray DOES happen:

I pray that every businessperson facing a closure– or even a restriction, or “mask-mandate” related to his or her business will just start saying, “NO!”, in confidence that his or her state Constitution, properly brought to bear should the illegal-order-issuing-executive push the bluff, will serve as the shield against despotism that it is meant to be.

I pray that every American whose loved one has been disappeared into a hospital refuses to be kept away from that person’s side, and raises HELL about any effort to keep them out. I pray further that every person whose loved one has been lost to “care” in which a doctor or facility has been prevented or discouraged from using the thoroughly-proven but unprofitable HCQ treatment get a lawsuit going right now against the “care”-giver and the institution responsible for the prevention or discouragement.

I pray that every voter in the upcoming election favor and support only candidates pledging to stand against the perpetuation of this insanity.

I pray that every person being told that he or she must wear a mask in any business will turn about and find a more customer-friendly, less lick-spittle competitor after explaining that move to the offending vendor. If no such alternative is available, I pray that every person facing a mask-demand will explain to the offending vendor that the instant such an alternative appears, the offender will have seen the last of that person’s business, permanently.

TO CLOSE ON THE NOTE with which I began, let me just say that while the C19 hoax has the Joker’s fingerprints all over it (or those of folks just like him), this crisis is no joke. And no “masked hero” is going to swoop in and save us all.

Indeed, as I trust I have made clear, in this opera, it is the villains that wear masks, just as has always been true in real life, as opposed to comic books. And it falls to US to be the heroes and swoop in (or at least, stand up) to save the day.

I hope you will do that. It’s way past time for the grown-ups to grab the wheel and keep this car from going over the cliff.

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

-Edmund Burke


P. S. I have a special prayer of which to also speak, today. Michael Shumer, a fine American and much-appreciated member of the CtC-educated community, is now in a hospital ICU, in the grip of what is said to be C19.

While Michael’s wife, Susan, who also tested positive for the virus, was treated with HCQ/Z-Pack/Zinc and is fine, Michael was “not a candidate” for the treatment (due to a heart condition), and has instead had paralytics injected and a ventilator installed.

Susan has asked me to ask you to pray for Michael. I do.

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