Foods With More Protein Than an Egg

photo of salad with chickpeas

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With about 6 grams of protein apiece, eggs are an excellent source of this vital nutrient. But lots of other foods offer as much or more. For example, chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) provide nearly 8 grams of protein per 1/2 cup. People have enjoyed them since the days of ancient Egypt. They’re best known these days as the base for hummus. Toss a handful on a salad, or cook them into a hearty soup. 

photo of cottage cheese and diced peaches

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Cottage Cheese

This nutritious source of protein, with nearly 12 grams in a half-cup, plays well with others. That’s because it doesn’t have a strong flavor on its own. Make a healthy snack by pairing cottage cheese with most any kind of fruit. Or use it as a protein-boosting secret ingredient in pancakes. Go with low-fat cottage cheese to keep it healthy.

photo of almond butter

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Almond Butter

This creamy spread isn’t as well-known as its peanutty cousin. But with 7 grams of protein in 2 tablespoons, it should be. With plenty of heart-healthy fats, it’s a great  way to fuel up before a workout. You can even make it at home — all you need is almonds and a blender. Spice it up with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, or curry powder if that’s how you roll.

photo of cheddar cheese on cracker

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Cheddar Cheese

This zingy cheese is loaded with protein — about 7 grams per ounce — as well as other nutrients like calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamins A and B12. But keep your portions small or choose a lower-fat version. The fats found in dairy foods aren’t the heart-healthy type. Cheese can be high in salt, too.

lentil varieties

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A half-cup of these legumes gives you 8 grams of protein, about as much as you’d get from 1 ounce of lean steak. They come in lots of colors — brown, green, black, yellow, red, and orange. They cook up faster than beans. And you don’t even need to soak them first. Try the brown ones in veggie burgers, the green ones in salads, and the red ones in a spicy curry. 

photo of oatmeal with pumpkin seeds

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Pumpkin Seeds

Don’t toss these after you carve the jack-o’-lantern. (An easier route is to buy the already roasted type at the store.) An ounce of shelled ones has 8 1/2 grams of protein. They’re also a good source of zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, and selenium. Eat a handful with an apple for a filling snack. Or stir them into oatmeal, granola, or homemade bread dough.

photo of shrimp pasta

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You only need about 4 ounces of these shellfish to get more than 17 grams of protein. They’re also low in calories and fat and have little mercury. Shrimp cook quickly, too. But step away from the breaded, deep-fried variety. Instead, toss grilled shrimp into pasta with marinara sauce for a fast, protein-rich meal.

photo of quinoa mexican bowl

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This whole grain (actually an edible seed) packs about 7 1/2 grams of protein per cup. It’s a good source of fiber, too. Naturally gluten-free, quinoa is as easy to prepare as rice. Because it tastes rather bland on its own, add it to salads or grain bowls. You can also eat it as a hot cereal, or even pop it like popcorn.

photo of salmon jerky

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Long known as a backpacking standby, jerky is dried, lean meat. One ounce can have up to 15 grams of protein. Many brands are high in salt, sugar, and additives like nitrate. But some new products are changing jerky’s reputation as junk food. You can find jerky made from turkey, salmon, and even elk and ostrich. Check the label for sodium, sugar, and chemicals. You can make your own as well.

photo of green smoothie with hemp seeds

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Hemp Seeds

They won’t get you high — they’re from a different type of cannabis plant than marijuana. But these nutty-tasting seeds (sometimes called hemp hearts) do pack a powerful jolt of protein. Three tablespoons give you 9 1/2 grams, along with lots of heart-healthy fats. They’re tasty blended into smoothies. Try some hemp milk on your morning cereal.

All gubernatorial C19 “executive orders” are expressly-prohibited by each state’s Constitution. Here is the proof, after a few words about why this is important.

OLKS, THOSE BEHIND THE EFFORT TO IMPOSE A “NEW NORMAL” in which your liberties are dramatically circumscribed on behalf of a purported collective security interest (i.e., “You must submit to this and this in order to spare others the inconvenience of isolation from a hob-goblin threat about which they have been made panicky by a 24/7 propaganda attack over the last 8 months) are going to persist until they are stopped by opposing forces.

You must understand that by mid-April, at least, these officials had, through outright incompetence or irresistible lust for power, ruined state economies and the personal economies of vast numbers of their neighbors, and in many cases contributed hugely to the outright deaths of thousands of people. And they had done all these terrible things in the name of a vastly overblown threat of plague-like peril from what was really at most just another seasonal flu in its outcomes– and an especially mild seasonal flu, at that. (See this documented summary of the “crisis” for evidence of the fact assertions above, and those that will be found below which are not equipped with other links.)

The only way these culpable officials can see themselves escaping punishment for these horrific crimes is through nurturing the pretense that C19 really is the dire “millions will die” threat that they have been pitching (and keeping alive the panic that this pretense has engendered in the gullible). If they can do this long enough, the actual record of events will become thoroughly polluted with their narrative falsehoods and faded from the passage of time, as well.

During this holdout, double-down period, constituencies will arise on behalf of the new normal. At the same time, those at whose expense this all happens become weaker and less able to seek redress of the grievances, much less to hold those responsible accountable for their misdeeds.

IT IS ON BEHALF OF THIS “preserve the rationale and the panic” effort that we have seen the sustained (and otherwise completely inexplicable) attacks on hydroxychloroquine (which have risen to the point of administering fatal overdoses and withholding the treatment from patients until past the point at which it would be effective in alleged impartial clinical “trials”, as well as reporting fake studies and making outlandish and false claims about HCQ side effects).

It is also on behalf of the “preserve the rationale and the panic” effort that we have seen the manifestly absurd focus on “case” counts (on behalf of which “positives” have been recorded even for people never actually tested and the CDC– and a number of states– have been combining test results showing active infections with those showing antibodies, and treating the total as the “active case” count). High “case counts”– whether honestly discovered or fabricated– mean nothing unless accompanied by high fatalities (or high rates of illness so critical as to require hospitalization to prevent death). Neither has ever happened.

Even with a huge number of infections in America at the beginning of the year (estimated to be between 36 and 51 million), almost no fatalities occurred until infected patients were seeded into highly-vulnerable nursing home populations.

The dramatic spate of murdered grandmas and grandpas thus produced ramped the fatality rate up to a somewhat scary several hundred a week, but was insufficient for the panic-mongering officials, who were already recognizing their problem and the only light at the end of their self-made tunnel. Hence, the actual (however much contrived) C19 death counts were then “fortified” by an unprecedented change in the decades-old reporting protocols.

Under the new guidelines, every dead American which a heavily-predisposed medical community could imagine might have presented any symptom nominally associated with C19 (which happen to also be symptoms associated with several other illnesses, such as the standard flu, pneumonia, and even just the common cold) began to be counted as a death from C19. NOW we started seeing some frightening numbers! They weren’t actual C19 fatalities, but they were said to be, and did a great job at keeping the panic roiling.

THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT THESE MALEFACTORS are NOT going to stand down. They must be made to do so, and if they are not, we will all pay a very heavy price– even more than we already have lost. Much more.

So, how do you make the chief law enforcement officers of the states where these crimes are being committed stand down? It’s easy.

First, you educate yourself to the indisputable fact that the acts of these people are without authority– the proof of which you will find below.

Then you do everything you can to spread that knowledge throughout each affected state, realizing that even if YOU don’t have a business that has been closed down, or fooled or frightened into requiring masks and the like, others to whom you will send, or to whom what you send will be sent, in turn, do. Even if you don’t understand what good these keys will do, others to whom you will send, or to whom what you send will be sent, in turn, will understand.

The spreading is easy: Pdfs of proof-packages are provided below for eight states. (Others can be easily produced with a little simple research and the use of those provided as templates.)

ONCE YOUR OWN EDUCATION is up-to-speed and the information has been spread, you stop playing along with the illegal edicts. You encourage everyone else to do the same.

This means businesses which have been illegally ordered closed immediately reopen all over the state. Masks come off faces all over the state.

The hypnotic 24/7 propaganda drumbeat from the media (and now incorporated even in most commercial advertising, as well) falters. People begin remembering what has been taken from them, and now realize it has been taken from them under false pretenses.

Narrowed eyes all over the state turn toward the statehouse.

The malefactors realize the bluster and the bulldozing have failed. They stop issuing edicts and start focusing on getting lawyered-up.

It’s all good.

But all of this only happens if YOU finally step up to what I have been putting before you for months now and ACT. There should already have been a hundred million of the “Liberty Keys” below shared throughout the land, and had that happened, we all would be a whole lot better off than we are now.

Do you not understand that by NOT stepping up and acting, you effectively ENDORSE government OVERTLY ordering you and your neighbors about without lawful authority? Where do you think that precedent will take us?!

It’s not too late, but it’s getting closer to “too late”. Every day counts. Make it happen.

The Michigan “Lockdown” Liberty And Accountability Key

The simple, indisputable legal basis for reclaiming freedom from all “lockdown” edicts in the Great Lakes state, and for holding the perps responsible.

(The Texas, Virginia, Kentucky, Wyoming, Georgia, Louisiana and Wisconsin Keys have been added, below.)

ALL STATE “LOCKDOWN” ORDERS and related C19-hysteria measures issued from governors’ offices since mid-March of 2020 have been illegal under express terms of the Constitution of each affected state. What follows is a concise analysis of that express prohibition for Michigan (first posted on Thursday, May 21, 2020).

Below that four-point analysis will be found links to a .pdf version of the material for printing and sharing; links to a few posts addressing the limits of state (and federal) executive authority more broadly; and .pdfs of similar analyses for a number of other states that have been added over the intervening months. Those in states for which I have not yet prepared an analysis are encouraged to use these examples as guides in their own efforts to address the illegalities of executive overreach with which they are afflicted.


1. The Michigan Constitution is the supreme law of the state:

Schedule, section 16, of the Michigan Constitution of 1963 provides that upon adoption of that Constitution by a majority of electors, “it shall be the supreme law of the state on and after the first day of January of the year following its adoption” and declares that vote in favor of adoption as having been certified on June 20, 1963.

2. Disharmony with the Constitution invalidates any purported act, pronouncement, edict, decree, order or law of any state officer(s) or agent(s):

The General rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of it’s enactment and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.

No repeal of an enactment is necessary, since an unconstitutional law is void. The general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it.

16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 256

3. Michigan’s Constitution vests law-making (legislative) power– that is, the power to impose enforceable requirements or prohibitions– exclusively in the legislature, in Article IV, section 1 and Article III, section 2, with only two very narrow and specific exceptions (all bracketed clarifications and emphases added):

Article IV, § 1 Legislative power.

Except to the extent limited or abrogated by article IV, section 6 [providing for an Independent citizens redistricting commission] or article V, section 2 [allowing the governor to rearrange or reassign functions within the legislatively-established executive branch, subject to approval by the legislature where having the character of law], the legislative power of the State of Michigan is vested in a senate and a house of representatives.

Article III, § 2 Separation of powers of government.

The powers of government are divided into three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. No person exercising powers of one branch shall exercise powers properly belonging to another branch except as expressly provided in this constitution [in Article IV, sec. 1, shown above].

4. In law, “substance” always rules over “form”. The devising and issuing of commands to the general public, disobedience of which can be punished by the state apparatus in any way whatsoever, is the making of laws, even if the products are called “executive orders”. Executive branch officials are prohibited from such legislating, except as expressly authorized in the Constitutions to which they have sworn fidelity.

Any basis– even an enactment of the legislature itself– on which the governor (or any executive branch agency or official) claims the power to devise, issue and enforce commands directed at any or all of the general public — whether such commands are labeled as “Executive Orders” or otherwise– is manifestly unconstitutional and void, per the foregoing simple and straightforward legal facts. The governor and all other executive branch officials are prohibited from being given, having, or exercising any such power.

No commands so devised and issued can be lawfully enforced by anyone. No commands so devised and issued can be lawfully upheld by any court to which the foregoing points of law are presented.


P.S. To get this Key as a .pdf which can be printed and carried about when resuming the exercise of your rights, and which should be shared as widely as possible, click here.

P.P.S. For a complete discussion of the fallacies inherent in executive-branch claims of “emergency powers”, see this.

P.P.P.S. For some discussion on the utility of the Michigan Key above and the others below, and the extended application of the same principles to every other state, see this.


The Texas “Lockdown” Liberty And Accountability Key Has Been Posted

Let’s call it the “Don’t Mess with Texans” instrument…

Get the Lone Star State Key as a .pdf here.


The Virginia “Lockdown” Liberty And Accountability Key Has Been Posted

This great state’s motto is, “Sic Semper Tyrannis”, an express rejection of governmental overreach. This seems a good time for Virginians to reflect on that.

Get the Virginia Key as a .pdf here.


The Kentucky “Lockdown” Liberty And Accountability Key Has Been Posted

Freedom and the Rule of Law for the Bluegrass State 

Get the Kentucky Key as a .pdf here.


The Wyoming “Lockdown” Liberty And Accountability Key Has Been Posted

Freedom and the Rule of Law for the Equality State 

Get the Wyoming Key as a .pdf here.


The Georgia “Lockdown” Liberty And Accountability Key Has Been Posted

Freedom and the Rule of Law for the Wisdom, Justice and Moderation State 

Get the Georgia Key as a .pdf here.


The Louisiana “Lockdown” Liberty And Accountability Key Has Been Posted

Freedom and the Rule of Law for the Pelican State 

Get the Louisiana Key as a .pdf here.


The Wisconsin “Lockdown” Liberty And Accountability Key Has Been Posted

Freedom and the Rule of Law for the Badger State 

Get the Wisconsin Key as a .pdf here.