Beautiful (LIVE) – Jaye Thomas & Chris Tofilon

Watch the live performance of “Beautiful” by Jaye Thomas and Chris Tofilon, from “Together: Live Worship at JTL Studios”. Recorded live, one take, no overdubs. March 8, 2019



Verse 1
Your face is shining
Like the sun in all its strength
The sun in all its strength
“Worthy worthy”
Is the song of the redeemed
The song of the redeemed

Pre-Chorus 1
Where else is mercy found
But in the place where all bow down

You’re beautiful
I stand in awe of You

Verse 2
Your voice like thunder
Fills the earth and endless skies
The earth and endless skies
All those who wander
Are drawn by kindness in Your eyes
Kindness in Your eyes

Pre-Chorus 2
All other idols fall
And our hearts repeat the song

Bridge 1
We fix our eyes
We turn our gaze
We stand in awe
We stand amazed

Bridge 2
There’s never been
There’ll never be
Another more beautiful than You



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