The Prayer that keeps me and my family safe


Here’s a powerful prayer which you may feel free to use:
This is one of the prayers that I have been praying for protection ever since the pandemic began which caused fear, anxiety, and loss.

This prayer is Bible-based and has a strong foundational truth. It has worked for me and kept my family safe all through this season of uncertainty and panic. I am thankful and give all glory to God.

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Father, I come to you in the Name of Jesus.

I believe that Jesus is the Son of God who came on earth and died on the cross of Calvary as a Lamb of sacrifice.

I believe His Blood paid a ransom for my sin and set me free from oppression, fear, sickness, and every kind of trouble and emergency.

Father, Your Word says no destructive weapon formed against us shall prosper.

I believe Your Word is true.

I believe I am saved through the sacrificial Blood of Jesus.

I cover myself under the Blood of Jesus.

I cover my family and everything concerning me under the Blood of Jesus.

I speak the presence and protection of God over the atmosphere around me and over every place that I go to.

Lord, shield me, save me from every harm and evil attack, protect me, strengthen me and enable me to take dominion over all my circumstances, in Jesus’ Name I pray.

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I Have a simple message for you. Jesus Loves You.
So wherever you find yourself watching this, I hope & pray that you experience the power of the Name of Jesus in your own heart, life, and circumstance.

I filmed this during a time of fear, sickness, and despair. because I know many are fearful and unsure of what the future holds. This was filmed in my kitchen during the Nationwide lock-down in India. I tried my best to share my own experience with a sincere hope that you like it and learn something from it.

Your sickness, your trouble, your burdens will be taken away when you call on the Name of Jesus.

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