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Day: September 12, 2020

Speaking to Every Organ, System, and Gland

Father, according to Your Word in Job 22:28: You said that I shall Decide and Decree a thing and it shall be established for me; and the Light of Your favor shall shine upon my ways.  You also said in Amos 3:3 how can two walk together unless they are agreed. And 2 Cor. 4:13 yet we have the same faith that he who wrote, I have believed, and therefore have I spoken.  We too believe, and therefore we speak.  You said Lord that the wise teaches his mouth, so… Read more Speaking to Every Organ, System, and Gland

Beneficial and Unhealthy Processed Foods

  Shereen Lehman, MS    Medically reviewed by Richard Fogoros, MD 97/E+/Getty Images Processed foods have a bad reputation. The term often brings to mind things like chemicals, additives, and strange cooking methods, saturated fat, and excess sugar or sodium. For this reason, processed foods often are pointed to as playing a significant role in public health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. There is some truth to this, but only in the case of certain types of processed foods. Because while “processed” may have… Read more Beneficial and Unhealthy Processed Foods