Where We Stand Now… But Keep This Between Us


RUSH: The Daily Presidential Tracking Poll from Rasmussen Reports. “Fifty-three percent of likely U.S. voters approve of the job President Trump is doing. Forty-six percent disapprove.” In addition to the job approval poll, Rasmussen now has Trump up by seven. That is a new record. Even the New York Times has Trump up and near even in Maine and North Carolina.

There was a story I didn’t get to yesterday, a column written by Corey Lewandowski, who was one of the campaign managers of the first campaign. He said everybody’s missing what’s going on. Everybody’s looking at the states that Trump won in 2016. There’s a whole slew of different states this time around that Trump is gonna win where he’s leading. He may not need some of the states that he won in 2016. And everybody’s missing it because everybody can’t get out of the past.

Everybody thinks that if he won Wisconsin in 2016, he’s gotta win it again. If he won Florida, he’s gotta win it again. And Lewandowski’s point, no, that’s not how Trump’s looking at it, not how the campaign is looking at it. I think — and this is just a setup here ’cause I’m gonna have much more on this. In fact, I promise I’ll open the next hour with this, my current assessment. But I think there is a 60-40 chance now that Trump wins this if he keeps working on these foreign policy coups.

Can you imagine if he’s able to announce Saudi Arabia joining United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in the peace deal with Israel? If he continues to adact Biden’s seclusion, the rope-a-dope seclusion and let the news cycle play out on the virus, just let it go, whatever the news cycle on the virus gonna be, don’t try to influence, just let it go. You know, the quarantine, rioting, let it play out, Trump could end up sweeping these purple states by two to four points. He could win a huge Electoral College landslide, the way things are setting up here.

You’re not gonna hear anybody say this because they’re not looking at the current campaign. They’re comparing Trump to 2016, which is dumb. It’s stupid. They’re not running the 2016 campaign again. I’ll tell you something else. These bombshells that happen every two to three days or every week, they’re having less effect on him.

That rally last night, you wouldn’t know that he’s under slanderous impugnment every day. He was on fire. He was in the zone. The Woodward and Goldberg hysterias, they lasted a half hour. And they’re gone. And I think they’re vaccinating Trump against any more of these things. They’re rendering him unaffected by whatever the next ones are gonna be.


RUSH: Let me pick up where I left off. I want to give you my assessment of where we are now. It’s only fair, because I know I scared everybody earlier in the week, and I didn’t mean to scare everybody, but I meant to be honest with you. I do think if we lose this that we are so dangerously close to losing a two party democratic system, ’cause this is what the left is after. It’s not that we’re gonna be in such bad shape it’s just gonna happen, the left is moving for this.

I’ve been trying to warn everybody for 20 years. They resent the heck out of elections, and they are going to move everything they can in the direction where elections are not relevant. Not that we’re not gonna have them. Just that they’re not gonna lose them. It’s like they have elections in California, but everybody knows the Republicans don’t stand a prayer other than in the odd district here or there. But in terms of amassing power to run the state, the same thing in New York, isn’t gonna happen. And it doesn’t look like there’s anything on the horizon to change that.

But it’s not just elections. It is the absolute acquisition and usage of power. And I went through that earlier this week, and I can understand how unsettling it was. So I want to continue with my assessment of where things are, and I think this is a — I kind of hurried through this ’cause we were running out of time. But, you know, I made a point of every day, every week, every two to three days there’s some brand-new scandal, some brand-new thing Trump supposedly did that nobody knew about the day before, and it’s earth-shattering, and it’s disqualifying, and it is outrageous.

And, of course, after four years, there can’t be anything like that out there. So it’s all made up. You know, we had The Atlantic story where Trump says of dead and buried soldiers that they’re jokers and losers. It didn’t work. They’re still out there pushing it. But it had a half-life of a half hour. The Bob Woodward bombshells were not bombshells. And they didn’t have a life span long enough to have any deleterious effect on Trump.

But each one of those happened as though nothing had happened the day before, as though we were all trucking along and having our good times, and all of a sudden we learned something really outrageous about our president. The problem is we’ve been learning something outrageous about our president every two to three days for four years, and the American people are out of energy for it all. It doesn’t stop the Democrats or the media.

But I think that these every two- to three-day bombshells are now having less effect on Trump. That town hall last night, the rally last night, I mean, that was best bit of evidence that you could see. He is energized, folks. He is in the zone. Something is going on behind the scenes that is making President Trump happy. He could not have done that rally last night were he not happy. He couldn’t have acted it out.

Remember the rally in Tulsa? The first rally after COVID hit? Remember that rally we were told that million people had requested tickets but that there weren’t gonna be anywhere near that many because of the virus. And then the night comes of the rally, and there are 6,000 people, and you can tell when Trump came out, when he was introduced, that he was mad at hell that whoever in his handler group had allowed that to happen, however it did.

And you could tell, he was distracted, he was not happy. He put on a yeoman performance. I’m just telling you that when something’s really got him ticked off, you know about it. And nothing has him ticked off right now. He is going through these bombshell minefields effortlessly. And I think that they’re providing an immunity, a vaccination against any more of these October Surprises to come because, folks, seriously, whenever these things do come, it’s as though nothing happened the day before.

But the problem is that everything happened the day before for four years, and none of its ever amounted to anything. I’m talking to more people who are going out and buying guns. And I’m hearing from these people that there is a backlog in California. There is a six-month backlog to go through the vetting process to get a gun. You look at the TV audiences for the NBA. Their playoffs, they’re whatever they’re doing in Orlando. Record lows.

The Democrats seem like they’re shifting to talking about ways to reverse an Election Day loss by mail-ins. The Democrats are now conceding that — and they’re warning their voters. “Hey, look, on election night it might look like Trump has won in a landslide. But don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry, because the mail-in ballots and the absentees will be yet to come.” But they are concerned. They’re now talking about ways to reverse an Election Day landslide loss that they’re conceding.

Remember they said 1980. I love remembering these things. In 1980, Ronaldus Magnus against Jimma Carter. Ronaldus Magnus was down seven in the Gallup poll in late summer. Bush, George H. W. Bush, 1988, was down by 17 points to Beetle Bailey in August. The Loser, Dukakis. People have forgotten. Dukakis up by 17. Then he had the picture taken in the helmet in the tank, Beetle Bailey. That was it. Bush had a great convention.

So here’s Reagan overcoming a seven-point deficit, George H. W. Bush overcoming a 17-point gap in August. The American people are strange people. American people are open-minded. They’ll say anything to pollsters. But I think that we all reach a saturation point with the craziness. And all of us at different times, but relatively close together, we all end up saying, ah, that’s it, I’m fed up with all this. Or, that’s it, I’ve had it. That’s it. I don’t care anymore what they’re saying about Trump.

That moment is going to happen with countless millions.

For Jimmy Carter, it was the debate and the Iran hostages and his failed rescue mission. For Dukakis it was the Atwater ads, the Willie Horton ads, and the picture of him wearing a Beetle Bailey helmet in the tank. For Joe Biden, it is cognitive disabilities. His complete lack of any response to Trump’s record. Do you realize Biden doesn’t have a single refutation of Trump’s record prior to COVID-19? Do you realize that Biden offers no details of what he would do any differently in the Middle East?

He offers no details of what he would do differently on COVID lockdowns. And when he tries to, like the riots, it ends up being a boomerang. And now he’s — Snerdley, did you see this? He is actually rerunning the lie about Neil Kinnock that got him thrown out of the presidential sweepstakes in 1988. This is further evidence to me of cognitive disabilities.

He literally stole the story of a U.K. Labor Party leader named Neil Kinnock. He literally stole it, word-for-word, almost verbatim, item for item, and tried to get away with telling the Neil Kinnock story as though it had happened to him, Joe Biden. He got called out on it, and he’s reviving the story. He is bringing it back. There’s something not right about that.

So I think that there’s all kinds of signs here independent of and outside the broadcast parameters of CNN and the New York Times, PMSNBC. Folks, I’m just telling you, and I gotta be very careful. I don’t want to say this too loud. And I don’t want to say this as though it’s etched in concrete. I’m just getting a feeling that we’re watching Trump on the verge of busting this open.

Now, a lot of this is from his last two rallies. They have just been the best ever. And it requires a certain mind-set and attitudinal place to be able to do what he’s doing here. Now, the polls are all showing gradual Trump gains. And I think these polls are bogus, and I think six months ago polls, four months ago polls showing Biden up 10, up eight, up 12. I’ve never put a lot of stock in ’em, but we’re getting to the point now where the pollsters have to worry about their reputations. Now the polls are tightening, aren’t they?

We got record gun sales going on. I mean, in California, six-month backlog, in a blue state where they hate guns. The NBA attendance is — Black Lives Matter is falling apart in certain areas of the country. Support for Black Lives Matter falling apart in certain areas of the country, including new stuff today that I’ll have details for you as the program unfolds.

We got Biden’s increasing dementia, the changing news cycle, the virus is waning. The public is turning against the violence. They’ve about had it. You know, the deputies being shot in Compton, everything has a breaking point. I would hope that the American people’s breaking point with rioting and looting and the destruction of private property would have happened months ago, but regardless, it has a breaking point.

And I think the attempted murder of the two sheriff’s deputies in Compton on Saturday had a silent impact. The Democrats will miss it. The media will miss it. I’m not gonna make a big deal out of this, and I’m gonna tell Koko not to publish much of this at RushLimbaugh.com. I’m just sharing this stuff between you and me right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump pulls off a big Electoral College win. I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m not predicting it, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

He’s gonna win some states that nobody’s paying any attention to, Maine. Like Lewandowski said in his piece yesterday, everybody’s focused on Trump having to repeat what he did in 2016. The Trump people are not that narrow-minded. There’s more than one way to 270 electable votes. They’ve looked at them all.

And it’s four years since the last election. Who is to say that the route is the same? It may be totally different. It may require better performance in other states. It may be states where you’re doing really well today that you weren’t doing as well four years ago. This is what they’re open to, and this is what they’re looking at.

Minnesota could be a state that’s in play, for example. And if some of these states are in play, he could surpass the 2016 Electoral College lead that he has. And here’s the thing about Biden and his people. They don’t know how to stop the momentum. They really don’t. They’ve tried bringing Plugs out of the basement. They’ve tried taking Plugs to places that Trump has been. But everything they’ve tried designed to derail Trump has failed. And the reason you know it’s failed is because Biden has to come out of the basement.

They would much rather be able to derail Trump with the media. But they’ve been trying that for four years. It hasn’t worked. So Biden has to come out of the basement, the big left-wing money and media, and these are the people that are running the Democrat Party. I’ve been asking, you know, all these many past weeks, “Folks, who is it that’s pulling the strings behind the Biden cam?” Well, we know who they are. We know who the people are, ladies and gentlemen.

The socialists that are running the Biden campaign are all the big-money. Not just George Soros. Not just Tom Steyer. Not just Doomberg. Silicon Valley people, Wall Street people. Almost all of the fortune 500 — in fact, do you know even the Walton family has been giving big to Biden? I’m telling you this is all about China.


RUSH: Chris in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’m glad you waited, and you are next. Hello.

RUSH: Hey, Rush, how’s it going? Hey, one thing I’m really sick of, I’m sick of the Democrats thinking that the American public are stupid enough to believe their lies again. Bringing out these people from the woodwork, a sexual abuse claim from 15, 20 years ago against Trump. Oh, okay. Where was that four years ago? Where was that longer ago?

You know, this all fake bull crap we learned from the Kavanaugh situation with Christine Blasey Ford, who I have suspicions was actually Amy Schumer wearing, you know, Hollywood makeup. But, you know, I digress. You know, ee’re done. We’re done believing their lies. We’re not going to anymore. And Trump was the primest example of that, that the American public were fed up with Democrat lies.

RUSH: I’m glad you called. Because you’re making the point that I’ve been bumbling and stumbling trying to get there. And you’ve just made it for me. All this stuff, where was it all these years ago? If Trump has done all this stuff, you’re learning about it today. Why didn’t we know it yesterday? Why didn’t we know it two years ago? Why didn’t we know it five years ago when it happened? Why didn’t we know about it 20 years ago? They just keep surfacing all of this stuff.

And what old Chris here is telling us, he doesn’t believe any of it. And that’s very wise. None of it is worth the trouble of believing. If it were, why didn’t any of this stuff happen in the 2016 campaign? Oh, because they had enough, they thought. They had the Access Hollywood video. They had Russians,, of course and the Russians are still front and center with what they’re trying to do here.

So that really is the point. That’s what I’ve been trying to say when I say every day, every week there’s this new blockbuster as though nothing happened last week, as though it’s just coming out of nowhere. And what here we go saying is they have run out of energy to believe any of it, and they aren’t believing any of it because none of it passes the common sense test.

12 Healing Foods to Eat After Surgery or Injury

What to Eat for Fast Recovery


By Jennifer Purdie, M.Ed  


Power foods allow for proper repair and maintaining of tissues, cells, and bones. When you experience any type of injury to your body or have a medical procedure — from minimally invasive to major surgery — consuming the right foods can put you on a faster path to getting your body back in functioning order.

The Cleveland Clinic suggests that diet needs increase when your body fights wounds and infections. When your body is on the mend from an ailment, you should elevate your caloric intake. This includes upping your daily amount of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. In a typical day, the Cleveland Clinic suggests you consume the following when your body is in a healing process:

5 servings of grains

2 servings of vegetables

3 servings of fruit

5 to 8 servings of protein

3 servings of dairy

If you can’t meet the above nutritional needs, the Cleveland Clinic advises adding oral nutrition supplements, taking a daily multivitamin that includes minerals, and if necessary, scheduling an appointment with a registered dietitian. As always, it’s a good idea to check with a healthcare professional before adding supplements to your diet.

The following are 12 foods that have been shown in scientific studies to aid in the healing process and get you on track for recovery.


Wild Blueberries for Your Heart

Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman 

Blueberries are known as the “super fruit” due to their antioxidant capacity of their polyphenolic compounds. Research published in the July 2019 edition of Advances in Nutrition suggests that a moderate intake of these berries (approximately 1/3 cup) daily is associated with a risk reduction in cardiovascular disease.

Blueberries can also help with weight maintenance, putting you at a lesser risk of future weight-related cardiovascular events. They are recommended if you are recovering from a heart attack or cardiovascular event as well.

In addition, researchers state that the regular consumption of ripe blueberries is unconditionally recommended to benefit public health. 


Ginger for Nausea

Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman 

In an April 2013 review published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine on the effects of ginger in health, researchers found that ginger contains antimicrobial properties to help keep you healthy.

The review also states that ginger and its bioactive molecules can effectively control the extent of ovarian, breast, colorectal, gastric, liver, skin and prostate cancers.

Ginger can also help those enduring chemotherapy. According to a double-blind study published in Support Care Cancer, the spice in a daily dose of 0.5 grams to 1 gram can significantly reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea in adult cancer patients. (Nausea is reported in more than 70 percent of patients receiving chemotherapy.)


Oatmeal for Digestive Issues

Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman 

If you experience gastrointestinal issues after a surgery or have trouble absorbing nutrition, eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning could help.

According to a 2015 February review on the nutritional advantages of oats published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology, whole oats contain a significant amount of dietary fiber that can aid in regulating digestion, promoting laxation and serve as a base for gut microflora.

Although you can get oats in wheat and rice products (and these are consumed at much higher quantities than oat), oat is consumed as a whole grain rather than in processed products, making oats often healthier. 


Honey for Mending Wounds

Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman 

Good news for those of us with a sweet tooth: honey is an effective food in caring for your wounds. In fact, honey is the oldest wound-healing agent known to humans, and works even better when held up against certain modern medications, according to a spring 2017 review published in Pharmacognosy Research.

Dating back to the Stone Age, honey has been involved in wound healing because of its bio activities, including its anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. The sweet treat also induces leukocytes to release cytokines, which is what starts tissue repair anytime you incur a wound. 


Citrus Foods for Healing Wounds

Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman 

The metabolites found in citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons and limes, offer bio activities that can help increase your body’s ability to heal from wounds.

Such bio activities include anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. In fact, you don’t even need to eat the fruit.

Citrus fruit peel extracts and citrus essential oils are reported to offer antioxidant bio activities as well, per a study published in BMC Chemistry


Mushrooms for Healing Wounds and Gut Health

Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman 

In a September 2017 critical review published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, researchers found that edible mushrooms offer bio activities that help wounds heal. These bio activities include anti-allergic properties and carbohydrates that play a significant role in immune-stimulating glucans.

In addition, the prebiotics in mushrooms stimulate growth of microbiota in the gut. Although you will find several sources of prebiotics in any supermarket, mushrooms offer easy availability and have been studied significantly more than other prebiotics. 


Avocados for After Heart Surgery or Stroke

Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman 

Anyone who experienced a cardiovascular event might want to add avocados to your grocery list. Eating avocados can improve your overall diet, nutrient intake and lower your risk of metabolic syndrome (a cluster of conditions that increase your risk of heart disease and stroke), according to a seven-year examination survey published in Nutrition Journal.

Examiners found that those who consume avocados also eat higher amounts of vegetables and fruits, have a better diet quality of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, eat more dietary fiber and have a lower intake of added sugars.


Turmeric for Pain After Surgery


One of the main ingredients in curry powder, turmeric is one of the best nutritional supplements you can find. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, this spice is used for serious pain, inflammation of arthritis, skin problems, cancer and stomach issues.

You can apply turmeric to the skin or consume the spice via a number of foods or in tea if that’s easiest on the stomach. (Drinking turmeric in tea could be especially helpful after surgery when your digestive systems might not function as well.)


Apple Cider Vinegar for Allergies

Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman 

For anyone experiencing antibiotic resistance or prefer not to use antibiotics for wound care, the acetic acid content of apple cider vinegar can serve a potential substitute.

In a recent study published in Scientific Reports, researchers suggest that the global elevation of antibiotic resistance means that alternatives to antimicrobials are necessary. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that infections “involving antibiotic resistant pathogens will pose major patient care management issues in the future.”

To help solve for this global health issue, researchers investigated apple cider vinegar against E. ColiS. aureus and C. albicans. They found that the apple cider vinegar has several antimicrobial possibilities and offers valuable clinical implications.

For those nervous about the addition of this vinegar to their diet, an article from Harvard Health Publishing says that consuming apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy with little risk. However, the author does offer a few warnings:

The high acidity could damage tooth enamel, so you should dilute apple cider vinegar. This can be done in water or in salad dressing.

The vinegar could cause low potassium levels. If you take medications, you should speak with a medical professional first.

Vinegar can affect insulin levels. For anyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you should watch your vinegar intake.


Nuts for Improving Insulin Resistance

 Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman 

Nuts have also been found to keep weight down after surgery, improve insulin resistance, and contribute to mending wounds. The following nuts can better your health, according to a December 2017 systemic review on nuts published in Nutrients:

Almonds can improve your health consumed in both small and large quantities, from 10 grams a day to 100 grams a day. Almonds can reduce blood glucose, improve insulin resistance and help those who can’t or don’t wish to take statins for cholesterol. Almonds also help control satiety for those following a low-calorie diet.

Whether you take a few or chronically consume walnuts, walnuts offer beneficial effects on healing after surgery. They reduce your cardiovascular risk, improve diet quality and give you the dietary fiber needed when surgery might affect your digestive systems.

Pistachios are also associated with health improvements. Consuming shelled pistachios of 40 grams (or 1.5 ounces) per day for three months reduced fasting glucose, improved vascular functions and lowered LDL concentrations. Eating larger amounts yielded positive results in risks of cardiovascular events.


Apples for Cancer or Recovering From Heart Surgery

Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman 

Whether you prefer the sweetness of a Fuji or the tartness of a Granny Smith, apples can assist those diagnosed with cardiovascular disease or cancer.

With their rich source of phytochemicals, consuming this fruit can inhibit cancer cell growth, lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of cardiovascular events and chronic disease, according to a study on apples and their health benefits published in Nutrition Journal.


Milk for Mending Wounds

Cow's milk
Verywell / Alexandra Shytsman 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, among the best foods for healing wounds are proteins, which includes milk. The organization recommends 3 servings of milk a day when you’re trying to recover from an injury. To reach this number, you can do the following:

Substitute milk for water in recipes

Drop in powdered milk in your yogurt

Add liquid or powdered milk to your smoothies or oatmeal

Mix in a little milk in your soups

If you can’t stomach the taste of milk, you can use yogurt, cheese, or soy milk as a substitute.