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Day: September 25, 2020

The Nutrition Low-Down on Popcorn

Is the popped stuff good for you, and can you eat it if you’re on a specific diet? BYGABRIELLE KASSEL    Popcorn has a reputation for being an indulgent midnight snack for movie-addicts and partiers. But (surprise!) so long as you don’t douse it in butter and caramel sauce, popcorn is actually a fiber-rich, antioxidant-packed, low-calorie snack. Let’s investigate popcorn’s nutrition profile. Wait, so is popcorn healthy? You probably already know this, but popcorn comes from corn. Heat up the kernels of corn, and thanks to their water content, the… Read more The Nutrition Low-Down on Popcorn

Diabetes and Eye Problems

How Diabetes Affects Your Eyes The main problem is high blood sugar (glucose). Diabetes means your body doesn’t make or use insulin correctly, which raises blood sugar. When this first happens, it can change the level of fluid in parts of the eye that help you focus. You might have no symptoms, or your vision might be blurry for a few days or weeks. It usually returns to normal once your treatment plan brings your glucose levels back down. Long-Term Effects of High Glucose Over time, high blood sugar levels… Read more Diabetes and Eye Problems