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Day: October 6, 2020

The Big “Income” Con

The Big Con A few words about the most rewarding lie ever told by a corrupt and well-connected cabal. BY DESIGN, THE INCOME TAX IS AN EXCISE laid exclusively on the use of federal property or prerogatives (privileges) to make private profits. The tax compels a return to the public purse of a portion of those private benefits, with the amount of tax due measured by the dollar value of the profits produced. “The income tax… …is an excise tax with respect to certain activities and privileges which is measured… Read more The Big “Income” Con


All foods digest in the body at different times. This is how long they sit in the stomach before passing into the intestine. It’s important to understand the different food digestion times to avoid digestive issues or discomfort. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome it’s worth checking you’re not compounding the problem by mixing foods that digest at different rates. The times specified in this article are approximations as the exact digestion time does depend on the person and their age, health, metabolism, and many other factors. Fast digesting foods… Read more TIME TO DIGEST FOODS AND WHY IT’S IMPORTANT