Plugging The PCR Test Into The C19 Panic-Mongering Picture

…you know, the test revealing all the alleged “cases” now being used as the rationale for continuing to extend the two-week “curve flattening” impositions of “lockdown”, masking, “social distancing”, etc…

LET’S START WITH a little review. To begin with, let’s remember that “flattening the curve” was the soft pitch back in March, so that the healthcare infrastructure would not be overwhelmed. That was the sole rationale for “lockdown”, “social-distancing”, masks and all the rest.

No one ever agreed to hunker down and let ourselves be treated as presumptive disease vectors and to let our children be conditioned with fear and denied normal healthy development as human beings in order to eliminate all chance of anyone catching the virus. Nor did we do so in order to spare germophobes and hypochondriacs the need to use adequate PPE and to personally inconvenience themselves alone until they could get vaccinated and convince themselves that they were then safe from risk of infection.

LET’S ALSO REMEMBER that there never WAS any overwhelming of the healthcare infrastructure, when all the mitigation insanity was in full swing and when none of it was. The closest thing to crowded hospitals came in the early days when the panic-mongering was most effective and those in the most poorly-educated and least-educable underclass demographic rushed into urban hospitals as soon as a bad head cold developed, certain it was the dreaded C19.

Many of those folks then ended up strapped to their beds, dosed with paralytics, and fitted with death-inducing ventilators, eventually being used to falsely inflate the alleged Covid-19 fatality figures to the great satisfaction of the panic-mongering and exploiting political and commercial interests, and the great financial benefit of the hospitals involved.

LET’S REMEMBER, TOO that 42% of the overall total of those C19 fatality figures are of the very old and sick in nursing homes to which elderly patients sick with contagious respiratory illnesses were sent by certain state governors, who apparently felt those older patients were not “essential” enough to deserve a hospital bed. These gubernatorially-installed disease vectors were likely sick with the normal seasonal flu (which doctors were encouraged to designate as C19), but that’s just as fatal a virulent illness as anything out there when installed within an elderly population– and especially an elderly population with comorbidities.

Especially let’s remember that by mid-March, and before any of the “lockdown” and masking and “social-distancing nonsense, many millions of Americans had already been infected with C19 and had had the disease runs its course completely. This wildfire of infections produced fewer than 100 fatalities during its three+ months from onset to the needless imposition of panic-induced lives- and livelihoods-destroying “safety” measures which have been in place ever since, justified by steadily and dramatically-fudged numbers of purported fatalities actually reached by calling virtually every death from any cause a “C19 death” when C19 can even be speculatively imagined to be present.

That tragic but tiny case fatality rate last winter provides a true picture of the relatively harmless nature of the disease. Plainly, C19 tracks the also-massively-oversold “swine flu” pandemic a whole lot more closely than the “Spanish flu” pandemic of 1918 to which it is often hysterically likened.

Adding Another Dot To Connect In The Chain

IN MAY, THE HYSTERIA WANED SOMEWHAT, at least among medical professionals. Calmer heads pulled back on the practice of reporting every patient with symptoms of a bad head cold a C19 victim, and the deaths of any so distinguished, even if from a decades-old condition of COPD or diabetes or heart disease, as a C19 death.

With the reportable death toll falling as a consequence of the calm-down, the existing rationale for perpetuating the oppressive and ruinous “lockdown” measures became fragile. At the same time, the importance of maintaining the panic and letting a “new normal” settle in past the point of hard questions being given a fair hearing grew, as those responsible for the unwarranted “mitigation” measures realized their indefensible culpability for many deaths and an unprecedented ruination of lives, all committed in defiance of the law.

So, a replacement rationale was quickly queued-up. Now the excuse is a purportedly burgeoning number of “cases”– meant to be taken as outbreak of infections which could, we are to imagine, flare into life-threatening severity in great numbers of people at any moment.

However, just as the number of C19 fatalities has been grossly over-stated, so too is the alleged proliferation of “cases”.

YOU SEE, THE VAST MAJORITY OF THESE TOUTED “CASES” are based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. PCR tests, while capable of indicating that a person has had the C19 virus in them (or molecules of the virus, at least), are ONLY able to make that singular determination. It is incapable of determining that the test subject is sick with the disease, or how long ago that person’s exposure (and likely infection, considering the purported virulence of this pathogen) occurred.

Here is a statement on the limited character and capabilities of the PCR test by Kary Mullis, its Nobel laureate inventor (speaking at the time about its utility in HIV detection):

SO, PCR TESTS DO NOT INDICATE the presence of actual infection. More significant still in debunking the false “outbreak” narrative these tests are being fraudulently used to support is the fact that the test is also incapable of indicating WHEN an exposure/infection took place.

Let that sink in: PCR tests cannot be called upon to show the onset or occurrence of any “outbreak”. Thus, PCR test results, even lots of “positives” from the same area, cannot serve as justifications for continued fear or persistence of supposed mitigation measures, such as “lockdowns”, masking, or “social distancing”.

As likely as not, every such “positive” simply means that the subject was among the 36 – 51 million Americans which we know were exposed to C19 during the winter of 2020 and came through unscathed– without hospitalization or even merely a visit to the doctor, in most cases. Thus, every such “positive” just confirms that massive exposure during the winter, and underscores and emphasizes the pointlessness of mitigation impositions in regard to an illness thoroughly shown to be relatively harmless.

Already-ailing seniors, and the elderly in general, need to take steps to protect themselves from infection, to be sure– just as the same groups have always had to take steps to protect themselves from seasonal flu infections, which are just as deadly to these vulnerable populations.

But everyone else can and should unmask.

Everyone else should hug their neighbors, re-open their businesses and return everything in America to its fashions and practices of this time last year as quickly as possible.

Contrary to the spin of the panic-beneficiaries, every “case” that is announced on the news makes this more and more clear.

I’M GOING TO CLOSE this article with two videos. In the first a German attorney announces and explains an international coalition of legal professionals which is preparing class action lawsuits against the continuation of the fraud-based “mitigation” impositions and those behind them. A lot of good information and perspective is presented here, in a very cool and businesslike fashion. It’s well worth the 49 minutes.

In the second video (really just an audio file in a video format), the always excellent Van Morrison shares the first of a trio of “lockdown” protest songs he is releasing. Wonderful!

BTW, the legendary Morrison has been joined by the equally legendary Eric Clapton in his efforts of protest against “lockdown” madness; see the story here.

And always remember:

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

-Edmund Burke

“Like a muddied stream or a polluted fountain is the righteous man who gives way before the wicked.”

-Proverbs 25:26

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do.”

-Everett Hale

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