Jesus Showed Me 2 November Surprises Coming

Jesus showed Dr. Francis Myles these 2 surprises coming in the November election.
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🚨🚨 Renissa was a lifelong Democrat UNTIL the message in this book changed her mind. Now she is voting for President Trump! 🚨🚨

A battle is raging in America between two altars – one righteous and the other evil. Which altar will you side with? The soul of America is at stake.

Dr. Francis Myles shows that all spiritual warfare comes down to the battle between righteous and evil altars tied to our souls. This is the battleground we cannot afford to overlook!

In The Battle of Altars Francis equips you with prayers of activation for you to do something about it. You will learn:

✅ How to identify and destroy evil altars operating in your soul or generational bloodline including any evil altars of your father’s house (bloodline)
✅ How to take legal action in the Courts of Heaven
✅ 12 spiritual laws of altars, whether righteous or evil
✅ Why the Altar of the Cross is the highest altar on earth
✅ How to recognize when a political platform has become an evil altar
✅ The spiritual connection between the Law of Dominion and the platform of altars
✅ How to appropriate the power of righteous altars in the Bible—altars of Noah, Abraham and others
✅ How to protect children from satanic influences in music

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Robert Henderson’s 4 Dreams About President Trump

Robert Henderson shares his four amazing dreams about President Trump. Don’t miss this!
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▶▶Pillars for Unlocking Wealth by Robert Henderson [Digital]:

Prosperity—yes or no? Robert Henderson says when your heart is right, God is ready to provide. Responsibilities come with it. But first, hands off, satan!

Wisdom and Prosperity Go Hand in Hand

Robert Henderson asks, is your house in order? Because God’s wealth and wisdom go hand in hand.

Robert shares three new and powerful resources that bring clarity to provision and prosperity. There’s more to true wealth than you think. He also helps you remove any blockages in the Courts of Heaven.

Unlocking Wealth from the Courts of Heaven—

Robert’s latest book lays out how to:

• Remove legal rights the enemy is using
• Understand the economic system of Heaven
• Revoke the spirit of poverty
• Break free from “disrupted timing”

Prospering in the Midst of Change—

God is a ready partner. In the same way God transforms your character, there is also a process for prosperity. In this 2-CD/audio series Robert shows you biblical steps for walking in God’s provision even during crisis.

Resetting Economies in the Courts of Heaven—

In this small but powerful companion, Robert Henderson gives you 5 steps for resetting economies. They work for nations, but they especially apply to you! If there truly is a season for biblical wealth transfer, it is meant for believers who know what to do with it!

▶▶Pillars for Unlocking Wealth by Robert Henderson [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Pillars for Unlocking Wealth by Robert Henderson [Digital]:

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