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IN MID-FEBRUARY, 2014 the Obama administration fomented a coup in Ukraine. The duly-elected government was overthrown and replaced with one more to the liking of the neocon nutcases in charge of United States foreign policy for the past several decades– interestingly, a new government of Ukrainian Nazis.

Shortly after the coup, in May of 2014, Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company, gave then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter a $50,000+ per month position on its board (which lasted until 2019). The younger Biden had no apparent qualifications, and, in fact, never once visited Ukraine in connection with this highly-paid office, but it could be said that he brought value, nonetheless.

You see, at the time of the Hunter Biden board appointment, Burisma and its owner were on the radar-screen of Ukraine’s top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, over various crimes and corruption. Not long after Hunter’s very rewarding and otherwise effortless position at Burisma was established, his father, Joe, forced Ukraine’s new president to fire Shokin by threatening to otherwise withhold $1 billion in Congressionally-mandated loan guarantees.

As Joe put it during a 2018 speech to the Council on Foreign Relations:

“I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.”

Biden and his apologists have since floated the absurd proposition that he had forced the firing of Shokin because the prosecutor was “too soft on corruption”– in particular, according to the New York Times, his slow-walking of his investigation into corruption by Burisma and its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, or even keeping that investigation on hold so that he could use the threat of it to shake down Zlochevsky. But according to the Times itself, “within 10 months after he took office, Burisma announced that Mr. Lutsenko [Shokin’s replacement] and the courts had “fully closed” all “legal proceedings and pending criminal allegations” against Mr. Zlochevsky and his companies.”

It appears that things worked out well for the folks who seem to have slipped a whole lot of money to Hunter Biden for doing nothing.

SO, THAT’S A BIT OF BACKSTORY to the current controversy over allegations of corruption concerning Joe Biden. More recently, the contents of a laptop apparently owned and/or operated by Hunter Biden, and in the possession of the FBI since December, 2019, have recently been made public. Those contents dramatically support and emphasize the proposition of the corrupt influence-peddling described above, and much, much more.

You may not have heard about any of that, however. The mainstream conventional media and “social media” gatekeepers have monolithically, in the fashion of conspirators and racketeers, been doing everything possible to keep these revelations from public view and to detoxify with false representations those that make it through that firewall, and that takes us to the focus of this article.

One of the most remarkable examples of this corrupt effort to shield Biden from the effect of these damning revelations (which includes apparent evidence of Joe having a standing arrangement to get a portion of payments made to Hunter for the purchase of access and favors from the older man), involves The Intercept, an e-zine co-founded by progressively-oriented but nonetheless consistently outstanding and honorable journalist Glenn Greenwald. In an expression of breathtaking corruption, The Intercept has refused to publish Greenwald’s own effort to shine a light on the media conspiracy on Joe Biden’s behalf.

Greenwald, in an equally breathtaking display of virtue and integrity, has quit the filthy rag.


BELOW, YOU WILL FIND the rejected draft of the article by Greenwald on media corruption. It’s a bit dated now as to the details of the Biden revelations, which have been expanded and further supported with witness testimony and evidence every day, but well worth the read for its skewering of the media corruption at which Greenwald has really directed his attention.

Afterward, I suggest subscribing to Greenwald’s new home for posts (for the moment, anyway), here. Greenwald IS a progressive, and not all that he writes will be to everyone’s taste. But he is insightful, honest, and tenacious, and all of those qualities are sadly rare in his line of work. Show the man some support and sign up for his posts.


Publication by the New York Post two weeks ago of emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, relating to Vice President Joe Biden’s work in Ukraine, and subsequent articles from other outlets concerning the Biden family’s pursuit of business opportunities in China, provoked extraordinary efforts by a de facto union of media outlets, Silicon Valley giants and the intelligence community to suppress these stories.

One outcome is that the Biden campaign concluded, rationally, that there is no need for the front-running presidential candidate to address even the most basic and relevant questions raised by these materials. Rather than condemn Biden for ignoring these questions — the natural instinct of a healthy press when it comes to a presidential election — journalists have instead led the way in concocting excuses to justify his silence.

After the Post’s first article, both that newspaper and other news outlets have published numerous other emails and texts purportedly written to and from Hunter reflecting his efforts to induce his father to take actions as Vice President beneficial to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, on whose board of directors Hunter sat for a monthly payment of $50,000, as well as proposals for lucrative business deals in China that traded on his influence with his father.

Individuals included in some of the email chains have confirmed the contents’ authenticity. One of Hunter’s former business partners, Tony Bubolinski, has stepped forward on the record to confirm the authenticity of many of the emails and to insist that Hunter along with Joe Biden’s brother Jim were planning on including the former Vice President in at least one deal in China. And GOP pollster Frank Luntz, who appeared in one of the published email chains, appeared to confirm the authenticity as well, though he refused to answer follow-up questions about it.

Thus far, no proof has been offered by Bubolinski that Biden ever consummated his participation in any of those discussed deals. The Wall Street Journal says that it found no corporate records reflecting that a deal was finalized and that “text messages and emails related to the venture that was provided to the Journal by Mr. Bobulinski, mainly from the spring and summer of 2017, don’t show either Hunter Biden or James Biden discussing a role for Joe Biden in the venture.”

But nobody claimed that any such deals had been consummated — so the conclusion that one had not been does not negate the story. Moreover, some texts and emails whose authenticity has not been disputed state that Hunter was adamant that any discussions about the involvement of the Vice President be held only verbally and never put in writing.

Beyond that, the Journal’s columnist Kimberly Strassel reviewed a stash of documents and “found correspondence corroborates and expands on emails recently published by the New York Post,” including ones where Hunter was insisting that it was his connection to his father that was the greatest asset sought by the Chinese conglomerate with whom they were negotiating. The New York Times on Sunday reached a similar conclusion: while no documents prove that such a deal was consummated, “records produced by Mr. Bobulinski show that in 2017, Hunter Biden and James Biden were involved in negotiations about a joint venture with a Chinese energy and finance company called CEFC China Energy,” and “make clear that Hunter Biden saw the family name as a valuable asset, angrily citing his ‘family’s brand’ as a reason he is valuable to the proposed venture.”

These documents also demonstrate, reported the Times, “that the countries that Hunter Biden, James Biden and their associates planned to target for deals overlapped with nations where Joe Biden had previously been involved as vice president.” Strassel noted that “a May 2017 ‘expectations’ document shows Hunter receiving 20% of the equity in the venture and holding another 10% for ‘the big guy’—who Mr. Bobulinski attests is Joe Biden.” And the independent journalist Matt Taibbi published an article on Sunday with ample documentation suggesting that Biden’s attempt to replace a Ukrainian prosecutor in 2015 benefited Burisma.

All of these new materials, the authenticity of which has never been disputed by Hunter Biden or the Biden campaign, raise important questions about whether the former Vice President and current front-running presidential candidate was aware of efforts by his son to peddle influence with the Vice President for profit, and also whether the Vice President ever took actions in his official capacity with the intention, at least in part, of benefitting his son’s business associates. But in the two weeks since the Post published its initial story, a union of the nation’s most powerful entities, including its news media, has taken extraordinary steps to obscure and bury these questions rather than try to provide answers to them.


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