Name an Election Czar to Focus on Protecting the Constitution

RUSH: Folks, here’s where we are with this. It is vital that our constitutional framework be protected. This recount, this canvassing, this investigation must occur. It must take place. The Founding Fathers of our country knew that there would always be intense political battles.

They knew that there would be bad actors. They knew there would be people trying to undermine what they had founded, what they had created. They knew it. They were not naive. They knew from the moment they founded the United States that it would be a threat to an entire group of people or many groups of people around the world.

They created defense mechanisms and insurance policies as best they could, starting with creating three branches of government to ensure a government of law, not of men. You have heard the phrase, “a government of law, not of men.” There are checks and balances throughout our system.

It is very important that there are clear, specific facts presented in a very scholarly and concise way as this investigation going forward that institutions, American institutions are revered, respected, and protected. What I mean here is it’s great that we have anecdotal evidence, it’s great that you can get a phone call from somebody, somebody who says they saw X-number of ballots being tampered with or they saw this or they saw that.

That’s all well and good, but that’s not gonna change anything. They all need to be investigated, and they all needed to be tracked down, do not misunderstand. But there need to be very clear, specific facts presented in a scholarly and concise way. I have been urging people all weekend to name an Investigation Czar, a Vote-Count Czar, whatever you want to call it.

This is a single person that the Trump administration sends out every day to update the people of this country on the latest of the investigation into every state, into every allegation of voter fraud in every state. You’ve got your staff trackin’ all this stuff down. You have your czar or your figurehead who leads the investigation, who takes in all the information.

He’s got a staff. They codify it each and every day, and they report to the American people in an honest, straightforward, factual way — and there will be plenty of information to report. There will be plenty of information to gather. There was plenty of fraud that took place. There’s simply no way Joe Biden was legitimately elected president. I just can’t believe it.

I do not believe it, intellectually — and as I look at what I have learned and what I have seen over the course of the past four or five days, there’s simply no way. And I have an idea. I got an idea. Let’s unify the country… See if this idea will float. Let’s unify the country by conducting a massive investigation of vote fraud, and let’s make Trump look like a fool, right?

That’s what they want. So let’s do this massive investigation, ’cause Trump says it’s fraudulent here and fraudulent there — and everybody knows Trump’s an idiot, and everybody knows Trump’s a fool. So let’s do this! Wouldn’t the left want this? Wouldn’t the left want there to be documentary evidence that Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

And the only way to get it is a full-fledged, serious, nonpartisan investigation into what happened. Are you with me on this, Democrats? Probably not — and if you’re not, why not? Why wouldn’t you want to join this? What are you afraid of being discovered, if you won this thing legitimately, and if there wasn’t any chicanery?

We got all the time in the world. Algore had 37 days to monkey around in one state. We’ve got to get this right. Folks, the history and future of this country depends on us getting this right. If we do not get this election right, if we do not get the votes counted correctly, tabulated correctly, then we’re gonna lose all integrity in elections.

The Democrats have been attempting to do that with four years of being critical of Trump being an illegitimate winner in 2016 by saying he tampered with the Russians, colluded with the Russians, meddled with the Russians, when the Russians didn’t do anything. There wasn’t any meddling or collusion.

They’ve already damaged the integrity of our elections way too much, and they predicted the Russians were gonna be involved in this election until they say Biden is the winner. Now we can’t even find the Russians being anywhere near involved. This is about the future integrity of elections. We cannot have a country where 70 million voters don’t trust the outcome, and that’s where we are right now today.

Now, I submit to you the left doesn’t care. All they want is the win and everything that goes along with it. They don’t care about the integrity of elections. They don’t care about your opinion. They don’t care about having to persuade you to agree with them or any of that. They don’t care. They just want you rendered irrelevant — and if they have to go so far as to not count your votes, that’s exactly what they will do.

The rule of law, the Constitution, efficacy have to dominate using a targeted approach here in how we track down the fraud and how we present it to the American people. If presented in the right way, this can be a very effective, laser-focused message. It can help in the primary objective, which is to protect the integrity and the honesty of the American presidential electoral system — and this must happen.

We can’t go forward as we are right now with so many people distrusting it.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we must put our energy and faith into the founding principles and ideals of this country. That is what is going to get us through this. The founding documents of this country, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, it’s all there. If those documents, particularly the Constitution, if they are adhered to, because the Constitution is the rule of law, if that is adhered to, we will get to the bottom of what happened. And that’s where our energy and that’s where our faith must be.

It’s actually a teachable moment. It’s a golden opportunity to teach relevant aspects of our founding documents that have not been properly taught. And I don’t mean we need to get into the weeds on things. We don’t need to make it complicated. But there is a way to do this. And that’s all I’m focusing on. And I don’t want anybody to be mad at me or misunderstand.

I’m not saying that the individual anecdotal stories of fraud here and fraud there are not valuable. I’m not saying that they aren’t worth it. But we don’t build the case with scattershot examples. We take all those examples and we put them into the central clearinghouse run by what I hope will be the Election Czar. The Election Czar will have a staff. He will take all this — this is my dream, this is my hope — take all of that in, along with the official investigations the Trump administration has mounted, along with all the assistance of the United States Supreme Court, like Justice Alito.

If Alito prevails in Pennsylvania, do you realize Pennsylvania could flip to Trump? If the ballots that were submitted after November 3rd are rendered irrelevant and are said not to count because they violate the law? This is big. But we need to go about this in the strict constitutional, legal fashion with no politics attached.


RUSH: Haven’t we been told for four straight years, ladies and gentlemen, nothing is more important than safeguarding our elections? Isn’t that what everything the Democrats did the last four years was based on? First the phony Russian coup, which was designed to get rid of Trump because he stole the election? Of course we know it’s all BS. Not a single fact in it.

But look at what they said. The integrity of our elections is paramount. Then they do the impeachment. And that’s based on Trump making a phone call that somehow violated the integrity of the presidency and so forth and so on because it was investigating the family of his potential presidential opponent, Joe Biden. They said we must safeguard our elections. Now they’re not interested in it. Now they not interested in getting to the bottom of what happened. They want the perception that this thing was stolen to take hold. They don’t want you to think that. They are happy with the outcome to the point that if 70 million Americans think the election is not aboveboard, that’s okay with them. They don’t care.

Safeguarding our elections is no longer a concern. It really was a big concern when Al Gore wasn’t happy back in 2000. We spent 37 days safeguarding that election. Thirty-seven days. That was basically a three county, one state investigation. And there was no thought of shutting down that investigation early like there is this one. What are they trying to hide?

Now, let me show you what I’m talking about when I talk about a czar or a central figure operating a clearinghouse, dispensing information to people every day. This happened, by the way, during the Gore-Bush recount. And there were two people, maybe three. James A. Baker III was George W. Bush’s lead guy, and he had a spokeswoman by the name of Margaret Tutwiler, and Mary Matalin was occasionally involved in that effort as well. But it was just those three. That’s where you went to get the latest on the hanging chad controversy from the George W. Bush team side.

And last night on Life, Liberty, and Levin on the Fox News Channel, Levin spoke with Ken Starr about the Constitution. And when I talk about a czar, I’m not suggesting it should be Starr, although he might be good in this role, because you need somebody serious, you need somebody scholarly, and you need somebody who is unattackable, unassailable on a partisan basis. Clearly that is not Ken Starr.

But listen to what he says and how he says it. It’s right up the ally I think we all need to be going in terms of dealing with getting this fraud discovered, exposed, and overturned. So the first question from Levin. “Article II, Section 1, clause two of the Constitution provides as follows: Each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct a number of electors equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in Congress. So, in other words, state legislatures determine how to select their electors. Isn’t that what that means?”

STARR: What happened in Pennsylvania over these recent weeks is a constitutional travesty. Governor Wolf tries to get his reforms, his vision, as he was entitled to do, through the legislature, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He failed. He then goes to the state Supreme Court, which by a divided vote, accepted the substance of what Governor Wolf was doing and added their own nooks and crannies as well. Happily, in recent days, we’ve seen Justice Samuel Alito step in — as a single justice he has the power to do it — and essentially, in a very short order, say the legislature is the boss. What the governor did — this is my interpretation — is utterly unconstitutional. What the Pennsylvania Supreme Court did is utterly unconstitutional.

RUSH: That is the kind of information that needs to be sent and transmitted to the American people by a credible czar every day as the information is gathered, somebody who can make it understandable, like me. I mean, I am not the czar. Don’t missunderstand. But somebody who can make the complex understandable. What Starr has just said here is the governor of Pennsylvania doesn’t have the power to do what he did. It’s not in the United States Constitution. Justice Alito saw what the governor did and immediately stepped in and said you’re not gonna do it that way. Justice Alito then ordered the separation of all post-Election Day ballots in Pennsylvania.

“On Friday evening, Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., who received the petition because he is the justice responsible for that region, approved the GOP request for now, ordering county boards to comply with state guidance to keep the late ballots separate,” because they might end up being thrown out as illegal.

However, “Even if the high court were to ultimately side with the Republicans, the impact,” it says here, “would likely be muted: Pennsylvania officials said they are already setting aside the small number of mail ballots that have arrived since Tuesday.”

No, they weren’t. That’s why Alito jumped in there. They were not setting aside a small number, a large number, any number. It’s why Alito had to issue the order twice. By the way, that small number is somehow large enough to wipe out Trump’s 700,000 vote lead? This is not a small number. We go to bed, those of us who did, on election night. Trump’s up 700,000 votes. In the 2016 election, throughout the night Trump’s vote totals kept being added to. They kept finding more votes.

Lo and behold, Trump has a 700,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania, and they stop counting in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the two largest Democrat sections of the state, they stop counting no doubt to find out how many votes they’re gonna need and then overnight while most normal people are asleep the magic happens and the 700,000 vote majority starts to vanish, 700,000 vote lead. And it’s gone.

And nobody saw how it happened. So there will be an investigation into this. The Trump team has vowed they are going to investigate this. Let me give you another example of Ken Starr, who was on with Levin last night, Life, Liberty, Levin, the Fox News Channel. Question: “We keep hearing ‘count every vote.’ Isn’t that the issue precisely, Judge Starr? Which votes do we count?”

STARR: Exactly right. In fact, to count every vote may be a crime. It may even be a crime under federal law. It’s definitely a crime under state law. If that is said, here’s the keyword, illegal. And that’s why you see. And it’s shameful that vice president Biden’s people and the vice president himself are saying count every vote and selling a lot of T-shirts. That is a potential and an invitation for absolute lawlessness.

RUSH: Again, this is the kind of information that needs to be imparted officially from the Trump administration via the recount or the investigation or the Election Czar, whatever the title is. Exactly right. In fact, to count every vote maybe a crime. Because some of these votes are illegal, folks. Some of the votes are illegal. They’re illegally placed, they’re illegally tabulated, they’re illegally made, some of these ballots were filled out after the fact. You’ve heard the anecdotal stories. Finally our last comment — I just wanted you to hear this, as though this is an official Election Czar giving you a report on the day’s activities, the results of the ongoing investigation that they are conducting.

STARR: It was very clear from the outset that what the governor did and what the state Supreme Court did was utterly unconstitutional. So it’s a lawless act. And at this stage the Supreme Court has a solemn duty, in light of the nature of the issue and the stakes at hand, has to take the case. And I think, by the way, the earlier determination by Justice Alito to call a halt to any county if that had begun of these set-aside ballots, the ones that I view as illegal, they’re just illegal. They don’t and should not count. His determination to do that is a signal — it’s not an assurance — but it’s a signal that a majority of the Supreme Court would uphold what Justice Alito has done.

RUSH: Well, you might think, well, how do we know that? Well, we don’t know that, but there are assumptions that if Justice Alito is going to rule as he did, he’s gotta be somewhat confident that there is a majority of support in the court for it. Those are just factors that are taken into account by judges as they rule on matters like this where further requests or participation for full membership of the court may be sought.

Bottom line is that Judge Starr here is convinced that illegality occurred in Pennsylvania with 700,000 votes, wants to get to the bottom of it for the sake of the integrity of our electoral system. At the end of all this, regardless who wins, folks, that has to be what happens here. We cannot go forward with the presidential election system being doubted by the losing side every time. I mean, there are gonna be people who doubt it, but we can’t have what we have now. We’ve lost all the integrity.

And the thing is the left doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter to them. They’ve demonstrated this throughout this entire process. They don’t care. Well, somebody has to care. Somebody has to care for the future of the country, the future of the Constitution, the future of the rule of law, the future of the integrity of the rule of law, the Constitution and our election system. And that’s what this attempt to get to the truth is.


RUSH: I’m gonna get to the phones here in just a second. I need to make one observation. I don’t want anybody misunderstand me and think that I’m being critical of the anecdotal evidence. I’m not. Let me try to explain this. The lawyers… If there ever is a czar, for example — if my idea were ever adopted and there is a czar — I know that the lawyers working for the czar and the czar are gonna need individual examples of fraud.

They’re gonna need the anecdotal stories, but that’s not what you report. That’s what they assemble. You have to add things up to have a trend. You need patterns, and the individual examples are how you do it. But that’s… I’m just saying, “You don’t go out and make the case on the individual examples.” Like you don’t make the case by saying, “I heard somebody call Rush Limbaugh who said X-number of ballots were dipped into cod liver oil and that has some super-secret watermark on it.”

That’s not how we do this. You tell the czar that; let the czar run it through the sifter, and see if it passes the smell test. They do all that. I know lawyers are not gonna be handed a smoking gun of a hundred thousand phony ballots. That isn’t how it happens, and this is also key in state like Pennsylvania. They’ve institutionalized the fraud and then legalized it. Like, no signatures required on mail-in ballots?

They did that in anticipation of this. No postal dates on mail-in ballots? They did that on purpose. The decision to take these safeguards off is part of the issue. We’ve gotta find out who did that, and did they have the legal authority to do it? Which makes the uncovering of fraud harder and harder. This is not gonna be easy. We know it happened. But now the fraud’s been institutionalized.

Who decided no signatures required? Who decided no postal dates on mail-in ballots? So you gotta a bunch of people saying, “Well, you need tons of fraud to prove it before you can move the needle.” It’s more complicated than that. It is a massive job, folks, to do this. That’s why you need committed people.

It is a massive thing to unwind what the Democrats have done here. It has to happen, though. This has wrecked the institutions that we all depend on for integrity and honesty throughout our government, throughout the electoral system.

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