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Day: November 29, 2020


“The Word is truth. The Word is the final authority. The Word is the power of God. The Word is alive and active. The Word is the mind of God. The Word is Gods provision for mankind. The Word is medicine. The Word is peace. The Word is love. The Word is life. The Word is direction” – Chris Shalom   Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh Heaven and earth will pass away But your word remains the same Never… Read more CHRIS SHALOM-YOUR WORD IS TRUTH

The SHOCKING Truth About Christmas

By Dr. Russell K. Tardo “We Americans [and much of the world] take Santa Claus, presents, holly, evergreen trees, carol singing, and all the other pleasant Christmas customs very much for granted. How intriguing it is to trace them to their origins. Many of our cherished traditions are buried deep in the pagan past. In fact, when Christmas was first officially established, the date coincided with ancient celebrations of the sun’s rebirth at the winter solstice. The [Roman Catholic] church saw no reason to destroy the old customs, and so… Read more The SHOCKING Truth About Christmas