Prophetic Dream: The Lord Says, ‘I Am an Immovable Wall’

Just a few days ago, the Lord gave me a series of prophetic dreams concerning America.

In this first dream, I was sitting in a press room, waiting for a press conference to begin. All of the major news outlets had reporters present to report on the press conference. A lady came out, took the podium and then opened her mouth. Out of her mouth she began to spew a gray liquid which I knew represented perversion, lies and manipulative statements.

None of the people representing the news outlets seemed disturbed or even phased by this. They were totally fine with this gray liquid being sprayed all over them, and they even seemed to enjoy it.

I then had another dream where I was in a room full of people. They were mostly young people who I could tell were involved in perverse lifestyles. I could tell they were full of hatred and anger toward America and all types of authority.

These young people reminded me of vampires; their faces were sunken in and looked lifeless but very angry. They were all speaking out in anger and rage, and it was as if I could see the venom coming out of their mouths as they spoke. The Lord spoke to me and said, “People have turned against authority.”

Then the dream shifted into another dream. In this dream, I was in a crowd of people. They were from all different kinds of walks of life and ethnicities. They were of different ages, social classes, and races.

However, they were all enraged and were spewing hatred, word curses and lies about the president and others in government and authority in America. I could tell in the dream that none of them thought their words carried any weight or significance. They loosely spoke all kinds of hatred and were full of chaos and division.

The longer the dream went on, the more they began to look like an angry mob.

Then I saw a huge wall. It was 100 feet tall and very wide. It went in both directions as far as I could see. The mob of people began to hit the wall, ramming themselves up against it and yelling in outrage.

No matter how hard they tried, they did not shake or penetrate the wall. Then the Lord spoke to me again and said, “I am this wall, and I am immovable.” I knew that this wall represented God’s protection and sovereignty over America in this hour. I sensed immediately when I saw this wall that God was speaking that His plans and purposes for America will prevail despite the agenda of man. Falsehood, anger, chaos and outrage may appear to be rampant in America, but God is unmoved. The schemes and attacks of the enemy will fall flat against the God wall that the Lord has set in place for America and her future.

Word curses and lies that have been spoken over America and those God has placed in authority will hit this God wall, and they will not prevail. God is protecting America from destruction and is showing mercy in this hour instead of judgment. God is not finished with America! She will fulfill her God-given destiny!

I believe there is a mass repentance that will come to the hearts of the American people, and I believe this nation has the divine opportunity in this critical season to turn back to God. Those who refuse to repent will be ineffective, and the purpose and plan of God for America will come to pass.

In light of these prophetic dreams, I believe the Lord is calling intercessors to arise and stand strong in the place of prayer and intercession like never before. I believe we are to repent for the sins of our nation and pray that many are drawn to repentance as well.

We must be careful of our words and declare life over those in authority and over the plan of God for America!

Joe Joe Dawson is the founder and apostle of Roar Apostolic Network and Roar Church Texarkana. Joe Joe is married to the love of his life, Autumn Dawson, and the Dawsons teach a lifestyle of revival and awakening.

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