NO EXCESS DEATHS. Nothing else should be said about COVID-19, and this should be shouted from the rooftops.

OKAY, NOW LET ME GET TO THE SHOUTING: Over the last two publications of this newsletter (the November 30 edition and the December 7 mid-edition update) I have provided everyone with the research products of two extremely credentialed scientists with backgrounds deep in the mainstream (one from Johns Hopkins and one from Pfizer). One of these folks– Genevieve Briand– is in the US and one– Michael Yeadon– is in the UK.

Briand and Yeadon made the cut as newsworthy because over the last two months each was struck by the dawning realization that despite all the eyewash raining down from “official” sources and being sprayed into everyone’s face by a fever-swamp 24/7 media campaign more monolithic than any seen since the consent engineering for the invasion of Iraq, there have actually been no excess deaths in either the US or the UK during the time each was supposedly being ravaged by plague. NO EXCESS DEATHS.

Both Briand and Yeadon realized that, as Yeadon put it: “If there are no excess deaths, there is no pandemic.” Full stop.

Both Briand and Yeadon echo what I have been pointing out here for many months: The alleged C19 deaths have been normal, predictable deaths from the normal variety of causes, which have just been mischaracterized as “C19 deaths”.


Why, for instance, are people still talking of vaccines and whether or not they are safe when the rationale for vaccines has been destroyed? Talking about the safety of vaccines in light of Briand and Yeadon’s revelations is letting the tail wag the dog– and hence, losing the argument.

THINK ABOUT IT. AS LONG AS PEOPLE BELIEVE C19 is an unprecedented plague, irresistible pressure will push vaccinations, safe or not, just as irresistible pressure has pushed businesses to demand masks and “social distancing” and allowed government officials to ignore the law and claim the authority to mandate such things, and worse.

There have already been tens of thousands of people who have taken vaccines for which even as little as one-year adverse effects cannot be known. Hysterical fear, professionally ignited and relentlessly fanned, has consumed many, many minds far past the point of rationality.

Hence, as long as people believe C19 is an unprecedented plague, every worker will be required to be vaccinated– safely or not. So, too, will every traveler and every customer of other services. Such demands have been successfully made the interest of every commercial enterprise– by presenting C19 as an unprecedented plague.

Everyone seeking to enter a government building will have to be scanned for a vaccine ID, too. In short order, such a scan will perhaps be necessary simply to be allowed out in public anywhere. And so on, all despite the fact that those who are not vaccinated are no threat to anyone who is– something about which little or no punditry can be seen (outside these pages).

If problems DO surface with the vaccines before all the above is already a fait accompli, we’ll just have more shutdowns and all the rest of the social pathologies of the last ten months until sufficient reassurance is offered to quiet any mainstream concerns… BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL STILL BELIEVE THAT C19 IS AN UNPRECEDENTED PLAGUE.

You can complain all you want that people SHOULDN’T sacrifice liberties and the rule of law for what they imagine is a little safety, but they do. Hence, the only solution to the C19 problem, being as high-momentum a hoax as it has become, is to produce a hurricane of voices showing that C19 is NOT an unprecedented plague.

SO, HERE’S TODAY’S SIMPLE MESSAGE: Stop all tweeting and posting and pontificating in regard to the C19 subject except to announce that the science shows no excess deaths have actually occurred. Change the messaging to nothing but the fact that all the scary numbers said to have been of C19 fatalities– supposedly in addition to the rate of normal fatalities for this year– are just normal expected annual fatalities which have been systematically mislabeled.

That is, change the message to the fact that fatalities ascribed to C19 have been counted in isolation, with the total number characterized as an addition to normal expected death rates, when in fact, each entry in the “C19-related” category is offset by a corresponding reduction in normal and expected fatalities that would otherwise be listed as from other causes (such as influenza, pneumonia, COPD, heart disease, hypertension, etc.), per shameless government instructions to do so– read through this material and its exhibits to see those directives.

In short, become part of a monolithic roar awakening people to the fact that C19 is NOT an unprecedented plague.

Again, focusing on any aspect of the C19 subject OTHER than that it is NOT a terrible scourge is to concede the one thing fueling all the other pathologies against which you would rail, and which, if conceded, makes all the rest of your arguments futile.

What we are faced with is a civilizational coup attempt– a serious-as-a-heart-attack assault on what remains of classical liberalism in the Western World. We are being berated and blustered and bullsxxed into enserfment, paralyzed into inaction or spooked into running in 50 different directions while we are shorn of our unalienable rights under a mantra of “public necessity” and illusions of technocratic benevolence and competence.

It’s time and past time to wake up, get on the same page, and drain the fuel out of the panic-mongering false narrative that is making this nightmare possible.


BTW, RESEARCH SUPPLEMENTING Genevieve Briand and Michael Yeadon’s will be most helpful, and isn’t necessarily hard to do. Here, for instance, is the recent post of Germany’s officials concerning the 2020 death rate compared to recent past years:

Note that the humps in 2020 in this graph in the comparative charting (the first and biggest of which is implied to be C19 deaths by the “of which COVID-19” isolated portion on the bottom) actually follow humps of the same or even greater fatality rates in prior years. Also, note that some spikes observed in representations of 2020 deaths, such as the spike around week 33 to week 35 (August) in the model above, aren’t C19 attributed even by the relevant panic-mongering governments (although they might in part be from “lockdown”-related pathologies…).

HERE IS THE CDC’s modeling of US deaths by cause during this past year:

Focus on the middle-of-the-pack ranking of respiratory disease fatalities this year– where C19 fatalities are accounted, and the kind which is most typically ascribed to C19, whether accurately or not. (But in regard to US data, it is better overall that you see– and point your readers toward– Genevieve Briand’s much more comprehensive and competent presentation found here.)

Both of these graphics were acquired from the relevant sources yesterday after simple searches. You can do this, too.


P.S. OPPOSE ALL FURTHER “C19 BAILOUTS”. These simply encourage people to quietly watch their businesses and jobs evaporate under illegal “lockdown” orders by paying them to do so through the inflation-generated diminishment of your assets (and everyone else’s). Better that these folks be feeling the pain and up in arms in defense of their rights and their property.

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

-H.L. Mencken

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