Can you find all the squares in this puzzle? Only EXPERTS can count ALL of them!

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August 4, 2020 Updated: November 8, 2020

A lot of people say that geometry was their favorite subject in math class, perhaps because of the logical simplicity that geometric shapes present.

They’re based on a simple predicate: a line connects two points in space; yet it’s surprising how much you can do with something so elementary!

That doesn’t mean geometry is childish, though, as it can be deceptively difficult.

Try this four-cornered brainteaser, as an example, and see just how tricky a few simple squares can be.

In the pictogram below, there are a host of small squares hidden within a larger one—possibly more than you first realize, and probably some that even evade detection. Take a minute and see if you can count ALL the squares. Don’t overlook any, for if you miss even one, it counts as a bust.

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Having trouble? Don’t despair, and try thinking slightly “outside the box.” Chances are the toughest squares to find are where you least expect them, or else, they are hiding conspicuously in plain sight.

When you think you know the correct number, or if the right-angled rhombuses have you stuck in a corner, scroll down to see the answer.

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Answer: There are a grand total of 51 SQUARES! Did you find them all?

Epoch Times PhotoEpoch Times PhotoEpoch Times PhotoEpoch Times PhotoEpoch Times Photo

Here’s where most people begin to falter.

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And last but not least:

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Do you find all 51 squares? If so, you are quite the geometry savant! Give yourself a hand.

And if you found this challenge stimulating, be sure to share it with a friend or family member!

Illustrations by: Epoch Times

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