President Trump: A Legacy in the Making

President Trump

A Story From a Reader

It’s hard to say anything about President Donald Trump that hasn’t already been said. During the four years of his presidency, there’s hardly been a day without news reports about him. 

We’re not looking to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we’ll let an Epoch Times reader tell her story about our 45th president.

I was in D.C. on January 6. I went with one of the groups that had rented a tour bus, and we all chatted on the way there. On the way back, things were a lot quieter. We had all witnessed what happened at the Capitol and had heard some of the media reports about it.

The lady I sat next to was from Taiwan. I asked what she thought of all this. 

“I’m definitely not happy, but I don’t think this is completely a bad thing,” she told me. 

I was surprised by her answer, so I asked her why. She explained that many Americans don’t know what it’s like to live under socialism and communism. “It’s different for us because we’ve had communist China at our doorstep for decades. Maybe this way, Americans can get a taste of what communism is and know why we’ve been fighting it for so long.”

“I really admire the president,” she said. “He’s been up against so much. Now we see that he’s almost had to stand alone, and so much of our country has been taken over. Still, you never see him mad, and you never see him depressed.” 

“That’s nice and all,” I said, “but at this rate, we won’t even have a country by the time other Americans wake up and smell the coffee.” What she said next really stuck with me. 

“Well, not if we’re all giving up,” she said. “The president has fought for us for so long. It’s about time that we fight for our country too”

She was so determined at that moment that it felt unshakeable. That’s just the effect President Donald Trump has on people. 

— M.H., North Carolina

It may be too early to determine how history will remember President Donald Trump. But when it does, we hope that it will represent the lived experiences of countless Americans—and not just spread a story curated by the elites. 

The world must know and remember the story of how the country’s elites and institutions were not enough to crush the spirit of just one man. 

We’ll do what we can to make sure this story—along with the story of America, as we experience it today—is not forgotten.


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