Prophetic Vision: The Lord Says ‘I Am About to Turn Things Around’


I was in a time of prayer and worship recently, pouring my heart out before the Lord. I was reminding the Lord of the many promises He had given to me personally and was seeking the Lord to move and act on my behalf.

As I continued to pray, the Lord gave me a powerful prophetic vision. In the vision, I saw God turning different situations I have been praying for around. As I saw him turn things around, His movement became like a tornado and was literally turning things around.

Then, the vision shifted, and I saw a hurricane hit the tornado. The tornado was running along the sand of a beach, and the hurricane collided with the tornado out of the ocean water. I knew that both the turnaround and the hurricane in this vision were not destructive.

Instead, I sensed that this was a picture of the accelerated and even aggressive way in which God is about to turn things around for many of His people. I then heard the Lord say, “I am about to turn things around.” I knew when the Lord spoke this to me that this vision was not just a promise He was giving to me, but to many in the body of Christ in this hour.

When God starts to move in a situation, expect for even the most impossible situations to turn around for good. I believe that the tornado in the vision was a prophetic picture of the power of God’s favor working in your life. I believe the hurricane represents a drastic turning of the tide in different situations. As these two collided in the vision, I believe it was a representation of the full force of God’s favor, blessing and power that is about to change and shift in your favor in an unbelievable way!

The Lord showed me through this vision that He is turning things around in an aggressive and accelerated way. What God is about to do for His people will be an inescapable turnaround. Expect to see situations, relationships and circumstances you have been praying for suddenly turn around!

This is not a season to give in to weariness or discouragement. No matter how bad it may look in the natural, expect a turnaround! You may have been praying for the same thing for many years, but do not give up now. Your prayers will be answered. God is about to bring a tornado of turnarounds that will sweep through like a hurricane.

In this season, believe God like never before! Ground yourself in faith, and expect to see God come through for you. Breakthrough is on the horizon. Position yourself according to the prophetic words and promises that God has given you. Stay focused and fixed on the word of God, and you will see and experience this violent turnaround.

Everything is about to change as this turnaround hurricane from heaven comes sweeping through.

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Joe Joe Dawson is the founder and Apostle of ROAR Apostolic Network and ROAR Church Texarkana. Joe Joe is married to the love of his life, Autumn Dawson, and they have three children Malachi, Judah and Ezra. The Dawsons live and teach a lifestyle of revival and awakening. Their desire is to see every believer fulfill their God-given destiny and live life to the fullest in God. Joe Joe is also the author of Living Your God-Sized Dream and Recipe for Revival.

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