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Day: February 26, 2021


More GREAT QUOTES “Prayerlessness is a sin.” – Corrie ten Boom “Until we reach for the IMPOSSIBLE through fervent, faith-filled prayer, we will NEVER fulfill our created purpose!” – David Smithers “I have found that there are three stages in every great work of God: first, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.” – Hudson Taylor “Jesus Christ carries on intercession for us in heaven; the Holy Ghost carries on intercession in us on earth, and we the saints have to carry on intercession for… Read more More GREAT QUOTES


SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: The Only Thing That Will Save Us by J. Lee Grady We can learn an important lesson from the East African Revival, which transformed a region 80 years ago. The people of Uganda call it Balokole. In the Luganda language it means “the saved ones,” but the word became synonymous with the East African Revival-one of the most significant Christian movements in modern history. This revival had humble beginnings in September 1929, just before America’s Great Depression. Historians trace it to a prayer meeting on Namirembe Hill in… Read more ONLY THING that WILL SAVE US