He was surrounded by wolves and vipers…

Surrounded by wolves, vipers, and scorpions
A young man who worked at the White House for two years came forward with a disturbing revelation. He witnessed how President Trump was always obstructed on every level, by almost everyone working in the White House.

Trump never had the freedom to truly do what he wanted to do. Every move was a battle, every decision was opposed on every side. Wherever he went, traitors were waiting for a chance to stab him in the back.

He was literally in a den of wolves, trying to do the right thing.
That may also explain why he HAD to promote the vaccines. Not only did the media and the American people DEMAND it from him, almost EVERYONE he was surrounded with, demanded it as well.

We have no idea of the lonely struggle this man endured for all those years.

So many of the people who appeared to be on the good side, turned out to be corrupt to the very core of their being, giving up the lives of millions of people, for a few bucks in their filthy pockets.

This shows us something: the swamp is deeper and wider than anyone can understand.
 It’s literally ENTIRE Washington DC, the entire government (BOTH PARTIES!) that have submitted to the satanist agenda to destroy America. They make way for the New World Order, which wants to put humanity into the cruel claws of unprecedented tyranny.

This should give us all the more respect for this lone Lion who went into a den full of snakes, wolves, coyotes, scorpions, and traitors on every level… while he was fighting for the lives of each of us.

The DNA of Corruption
Why do so many people in high positions fall for this? Simple: the vast majority of them got in these positions for one single reason: a lust for power and money.
 Rarely does a man rise up with a true lion’s heart to be a fierce warrior against evil, and become a leading politician.

It’s the very DNA of many who are in politics to have a selfish ambition and a desire to reign over others. Humble, sincere people who love their neighbor and just want to live good lives, don’t have a craving for elevated positions. It’s the very essence of the wicked, to lust after position over others.

Secondly, it is often only with bribery, corruption, and deceit that anyone can even rise to such a high place. Those who are honest and righteous simply are refused. You MUST play the game of perversion, and corruption, in order to get to a certain level.

It requires great courage and perseverance to break through this mob of demons, to get to a level of influence, with a righteous heart.

You must understand this: from old the wicked, the Satanists, the psychopaths, the demon worshippers always held the highest positions in the land. It’s how they controlled the world. They want to maintain these positions at all cost! The very nature of the majority of people in power is evil, no matter what they say, what masks they wear, and what ideology they claim to represent.

 Therefore it’s only normal that the White House is filled with deep darkness.

That explains why our soil is constantly soaked with the worst poisons the world had ever seen, why our skies are sprayed with highly toxic metals, why our foods are stuffed with destructive chemicals, why our supermarkets are stocked to the roof with industrial food that causes 80% of all modern disease, why our children are injected with dozens of devastating vaccines, why our health care is focused on addicting people to their chemical medicines, why the television only broadcasts superficial nonsense and downright deception, and so on.

It’s because the people in power are all, almost none excluded, very, very, very wicked beings, who live solely for themselves.

Power, lust, money, position, control… They do not care about people, truth, goodness or love. You may think that’s an exaggeration. But I know what I am talking about, believe me… Just look at the world, and you’ll see the evidence.
The Face of Corruption
Why is it such fierce warfare for everyone who wants to do something good in this world? Why is he or she opposed on every side?

Why does all the money always flow to the wicked who spread lies, and why do good people who speak truth always have to struggle to get some financing for their wonderful projects?

Why are the real criminals never convicted?
Why are prisons only filled with the little guys, why the top criminals possess the highest seats in every country?

Very few people in high positions are heroes of truth, right and freedom. Very few are able to resist the luring lust for money and power. Very few are willing to suffer and sacrifice for the good of the people. Very few are able to build their character, instead of corrupt themselves all day long.

Beware… their faces are all nice and shiny. The masks they wear are all sophisticated and brilliant. The words they speak are all smooth and assuring.

Ooooohhh, do they know how to play the minds of the foolish people? Do they know how to manipulate the hearts of the ignorant? Do they know how to get a crowd excited.

It’s their very nature to twist, turn, lie and deceive. They love it, it gives them a pleasure to do so. And behind the scenes they laugh and mock the masses, they so easily bewitch with their magic.

And while they smile on our faces, they poison our children, destroy our world, and steal our future. All ‘for our own good’, they claim, with a wicked face of ‘compassion’.

Look at all the signs in stores everywhere: ‘We want to keep you healthy, therefore you must wear a mask.’ Meanwhile, their store is filled with poison that is the nr 1 cause of all disease! Highly processed, industrial food kills more people than a million coronaviruses! But nobody cares about that…
Liars and hypocrites everywhere…
The Lions Are Roaring
We may wonder if there is any hope for our world, with the current reality of these extremely wicked demons possessing almost every seat of influence in the land.

Yes, there is hope. Because there is more than just wickedness and evil.

There are hundreds of millions of people who do NOT lust for power and control over others. There is an army of people worldwide rising up against this criminal power structure.

They demand right, truth and freedom.

They are waking up from the deep slumber of deception they have been put in by the demonic media. They are seeing how the pandemic is organized and is basically a worldwide criminal operation by insane psychopaths who murder millions to get more control over humanity, through their lockdowns, mask mandates, and deadly vaccines.

Humanity is beginning to see what is going on…And there is a cry for justice, a cry for truth, a cry for freedom.

I deeply believe that President Trump is still fighting his war, behind the scenes. I believe he will be back soon, as the President of the United States. It’s not over, but the real fight has only just begun. Just wait and see…

Trump was not chosen by politicians and judges to become president. He was asked by the MILITARY. Those who have been on the battlefield for the safety and freedom of their country. It seems the military is the last area where some remained true to their country. They saw their brothers and sisters die in the wars. They have seen how corrupt presidents abused them to murder innocent ones in other countries.

There is a group of righteous children of God, who are high in the military, who are working behind the scenes to clean the house.

I believe we have entered an era, a time, where the reign of the evil monsters will come to an end. I believe all the wickedness that is being exposed now on a worldwide scale, will cause a worldwide transformation.

I believe humanity is waking up as never before. And I believe that the eternal power of love, truth, and goodness is behind this.

For too long the world has been submitted to the powers of darkness.
 The time is now to shake it off… 
 They All Serve
The Same King
I am a Christian and I have a thousand very solid reasons to believe – with both my rational mind, my emotional heart, and my spiritual senses – that Jesus Christ is the one who has defeated evil two thousands years ago.

He has been breaking the powers of darkness, more and more, ever since.

It’s no coincidence that Donald Trump has bowed his knees, surrendered his heart, and opened his hands to Jesus Christ and not to any other.

It is no coincidence that the two Lawyers in America, who are fighting to expose the election theft, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, are both passionate friends of Jesus Christ.

It is no coincidence that the general who is a blazing light in the military and all of America, General Flynn, is a devout servant of the Greatest Commander of all, the Christ.

It’s no conscience that the wealthy businessman in America who risks all he has for our country, Mike Lindell, keeps telling everyone: ‘Jesus saved me from darkness!’

They are all people who know Christ, and who serve Him with all their heart. No, they don’t serve a religion. They serve the One who gave His very life for them, and they are simply thankful for being delivered from darkness themselves. Now they serve the light with every vessel of their being.

We have to wake up people. This is truly a fight between light and darkness.

Those in the high places are all Satanists who sacrifice children in order to get power and wealth.
 Let The Eagles
Kill The Snakes
I call out for brave men and women of God, who have not bowed their knee to satanism and perversion, to rise up and become Eagles and Lions who devour the snakes in the court system, the medical world and the political realm.

I cry out for men and women to bow their knee to the King of love, light and truth, who has died for all of us, and who is looking for those who will fight with Him, against the powers of darkness, that have been destroying humanity for so long.

If you are such a person, I ask you to make your choice. Who will you serve for the rest of you life? Yourself? Darkness? Or the Love that died for you and all of us: the Christ?

We need more general Flynns, more Donald Trumps, more Sidney Powells and Linn Woods. We need more men like Mike Lindell, who choose the LIGHT with all their heart, and who have risen up as true knights of valor in our time, to say ‘NO!’ against wickedness.

We need new media, who will say ‘NO!’ to the billions of dollars, who say ‘NO!’ to the child sacrifice, who say ‘NO!’ to the positions of power, but who will use their resources to bring forth bright shining TRUTH to the world.

We are entering a new era, where the King of love will become more and more clear in the hearts of millions worldwide.

I talk to medical doctors, lawyers, journalists all over the world, and all of them are turning their hearts back to God. They all know what is going on.
An internationally respected medical doctor told me last week:

‘For the first time in my life have I prayed to God because I know ONLY HE CAN SAVE US from this worldwide network of evil.’

We are in a massive awakening, people…
Kings Don’t Run Away, They Conquer!
No, this is not the end of the world. We are not waiting for a silly rapture, that will jerk the good people out of here, and surrender the world even more to darkness.
That is a demonic lie injected into the Church by the Rothschilds in the 19th century.
 They financed the Scofield Study Bible that was sent for free to the Moody Bible Institute and given to a whole generation of new pastors. This Scofield Bible contained hundreds of footnotes that told the Bible students about this ‘rapture’, and the end of the world.
 Before that time, nobody was talking about such nonsense. Missionaries had been invading the earth for almost two thousand years, casting out evil, and establishing a new dimension of love and goodness, that was unprecedented anywhere on earth.
These missionaries built the first schools, hospitals, ended public slavery, cannibalism and human sacrifice, and so on.
Nobody talked about a ‘rapture’. They gave their lives to save humanity from darkness and evil!
It’s the Rothschild invasion into Evangelical Christianity, that crippled the Church with insane doctrines of impending doom and destruction and a so-called ‘rapture’ as the only way out.

We are not called to sit back and wait for an escape. We are the royal people of God who have a dream and plan for this world. We are his children, chosen to bring about healing, wholeness, and restoration in the world.

We are the ones crowned with his power and truth, to shine a light that casts out all darkness. We are the ones created, called, and anointed to transform the earth into its original purpose.

The end times doctrines have terrorized Christianity for over a century, plaguing everyone with endless false prophecies (!!!) that never came to pass, because it’s all one big demonic trap.

Not only did the wicked poison our soil, skies, food, schools, healthcare, media… they also poisoned our faith.

I am calling all believers to step into your divine destiny of changing the world, instead of waiting to escape it. Don’t be a coward, but rise up as a hero and bring about healing.
Once the children of God rise up, the children of evil will fall.
That’s the basic truth we need to grasp. Once the children of the light rise up and take their place to reign and bring about healing and truth, the children of darkness will be cast down, all over the world.

So we have to wake up, we have to rise up, we have to become the heroes of the day.

David Sorensen

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